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Britney Spears Reflects On Having Her Sons At A 'Very Young' Age

britney spears : refelcks on being a very young mother on instagram

Britney Spears is sharing some rare motherhood memories.

The singer’s sons with Kevin Federline, Jayden James (14) and Sean Preston (15), have certainly witnessed a lot in their young lives. They lived at the center of the media firestorm around their mom back in the day, and in recent years, were dragged into the legal drama of her conservatorship. (The boys’ restraining order against their grandfather, Jamie Spears, is allegedly the reason Brit got reduced custody, and probably a big part of why she’s fighting to get Jamie removed as conservator.)

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Over the years, the boys have made fewer and fewer appearances on her Instagram feed, so it’s always significant when she does post about them. And on Wednesday, she shared a paparazzi pic from when the boys were toddlers, with rare insight into being a young mom (she was 24- and 25-years-old when she had her babies).

The pop star captioned the pic:

“I had my babies very young … at all the pools we went to on tours, all the babies flocked to me because I always brought the the most toys  … I really am a baby mamma !!!!”

The Lucky artist gave more insight into motherhood back in March, writing:

“It’s so crazy how time flies …. My boys are so big now !!!! I know … I know … it’s very hard for any mama especially a mama with boys seeing them grow up so fast !!!! Talk about enough to make you go to your knees … GEEZ !!!! I’m extremely lucky because my two babies are such gentleman and so kind that I must have done something right !!!!”

She also explained why her boys show up so rarely on her feed — and it had nothing to do with custody or conservatorship. She shared:

“I haven’t posted pictures of them for some time cause they’re at the age where they want to express their own identities and I totally get it …. But I went out of my way to make this cool edit and guess what …. They’re finally letting me post it !!! Now I don’t feel left out anymore and I’m gonna go celebrate …. Oh shit I guess cool moms don’t do that … Ok I’ll just read a book instead !!!!”

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The 39-year-old’s social media presence tends to be pretty cryptic, but in recent months she’s addressed more directly the controversies surrounding her life, including criticizing the Framing Britney documentary and calling the media “hypocritical” for the recent focus on the negative aspects of her career. Next up, she’ll be appearing in court for the first time in years to say her piece about the conservatorship battle.

We’re really appreciating this new era of Britney speaking her mind and sharing her memories — we hope she continues to have the freedom to express herself however she wants.

[Image via Britney Spears/Instagram]

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