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Brittany Snow Finally Addresses Ex Tyler Stanaland's 'Shocking' Onscreen Cheating On Selling The OC!

Brittany Snow Addresses Ex Tyler Stanaland’s Cheating Scandal On Selling The OC

Yes, Brittany Snow watched her ex-husband on Selling The OC. And yes, she has a lot of thoughts about the unfaithful behavior she saw from him!

The 38-year-old actress appeared on the Call Her Daddy podcast Wednesday to discuss her dramatic divorce from Tyler Stanaland. After just two years of marriage, the pair broke up in September 2022 — notably around the time the first season of the Netflix show aired. It was impossible not to connect the two events considering the real estate agent had some eyebrow-raising interactions with his co-stars. For starters, Kayla Cardona tried to kiss him off-camera. Although nothing more apparently happened between them, she insisted she never would have made the move if Tyler hadn’t reciprocated those feelings. So maybe there was more intimation we didn’t see?

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At the same time, he had a very close relationship with another co-star named Alex Hall — a little too close, some would say! WAY too close, most wives would agree! They were consistently flirty with each other throughout the season, the low point being when Alex sat on Tyler’s lap and gave him a “nosey” (making out with a person’s nose). We mean, come on! That may be a game, but it’s definitely one for horny teenagers, right?

Despite accusations of full-on cheating, the two insisted they were only friends. However, we later saw Tyler and Alex start to explore a romantic relationship with each other by the end of Season 2. (Things don’t seem to last between them, based on hints Alex dropped for the next season — but that’s another story!) And all of this happened after he also hooked up with another close pal and co-worker, Polly Brindle! Jeez! No wonder Brittany ditched this guy! He’s a walking red flag!

What made the whole situation especially icky is the Pitch Perfect alum had no idea what happened between Tyler and these women until she watched the show! Remember, these are taped months in advance, and he never told her! She found out while watching all by herself when it aired! She thought she was going to get reality TV — what she got was a reality check about who her husband was when she wasn’t around. And it hit like a ton of bricks!

Clearly still processing the rude awakening, she told Alex Cooper:

“Of course, I saw it — I watched it with my dog. Now I can laugh about it. It’s insane and it’s so funny. It’s so crazy. … I did not know what was going on. I think as someone who is so hands-on with my career, I was just completely shocked that I didn’t have a handle on reality in that way. That was shocking.”

When asked if she knew the woman Tyler got close with, Brittany fired back:

“Which one?”

Oh s**t! She then clarified she did not know any of them personally. But she knows what they did! Brittany won’t hesitate to call out Tyler and his co-stars for their transgression, confirming he was the cheater we all thought he was! Damn. She said:

“I was not aware of a lot of things, and I’ll say that. So I will say, what people think happened, happened. I think that there’s also in my experience with this and how I’ve processed, there’s a lot of grace I give myself and also I can own. There’s a part of this I don’t have a part in. They messed up. But I tried very hard to see it from every side and release that anger because it doesn’t serve me.”

The “saddest part” about all of this for the John Tucker Must Die star? She struggled with trusting herself after ignoring her “instincts” about Tyler:

“I think the saddest part of the whole thing was I didn’t see any of — to trust yourself after that and be like, ‘I have a good sense of character.’ There was some — I had instincts, and I think because I was in love I didn’t trust them.”

Oof. Despite her ex-husband’s inappropriate behavior on the show, she doesn’t “regret” their relationship at all. Brittany explained:

“There was love there. There was a marriage there. There was so much love. I think that gray is hard to understand because it’s much more salacious and interesting that it’s just ‘he did this’ and ‘she did this’ and that’s what I would want to put out there. I think a lot of people go into relationships where someone hurts them but I don’t regret it. I don’t regret anything that happened because I loved that time when we had it.”

What a mature take! We’re glad she’s doing so well in the wake of something that would completely DESTROY some spouses! We’re also glad Brittany didn’t hold back here! Wow! Watch the interview (below):

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[Image via Netflix/YouTube, Call Her Daddy/TikTok]

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