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Curious Why 'Broke Bobby' Is Trending?? Friend Group That Ranks Each Other's Income Causes Outrage On Twitter!

Broke Bobby Forbes Friend List

A man has gone viral on social media for making a truly BIZARRE video about his friendship group’s yearly salaries and discretionary income when it comes to traveling.

The man, who goes by Tom Cruz on the app TikTok, shared a vid of himself chillin’ on a sofa and explaining how his “Forbes Friends List” works. During the explanation, he showed viewers a quick glance at a spreadsheet listing his friends, ordered top to bottom by salary, including a couple multi-million dollar execs, and one poor guy making only (!) $125,000 and known to the world forever more as “Broke Bobby.”

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Explaining the point of the spreadsheet — and especially its list of income, days of paid time off, interest in traveling to third-world countries, gambling habits, and general vacation desires like private jet travel — Cruz talked directly to the camera (below):

“So a few years ago me and my friends started making a spreadsheet breaking down our incomes and our availability for travel, and it looks like this. This is incredibly helpful to have your friends broken down here from Shawn, my top earning friend, who make over $5 million to who we call ‘Broke Bobby’ who makes $125,000.”

Ummm, OK, hold up there — the “broke” guy in your friend group makes $125,000???

We feel for him because that’s actually, like, a lot of money for a yearly salary. Ask any normal person! Calling him “Broke Bobby” is bull s**t! Then again, maybe $125k really is chump change compared to some of those millionaires, though…

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Cruz goes on to add:

“This list is very pragmatic and also a lot of them are saying it is very motivational. So it allows us to avoid awkward situations in our friend group; inviting certain friends that may not want to do what we want to do, especially when it comes to gambling or spending a lot of money.”

Motivational, sure… if you’re a TikTok weirdo whose only obsession is money! Just saying! SUPER cringe!

Anyways, here’s the full video, so you can see this craziness for yourself:

We meant what we said in that caption! If this friend group were all truly as rich as they claim, they wouldn’t need this list — nor would they need to cast out a friend making six figures as being “broke” because that’s a super insecure thing to do!

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BTW, forget about Broke Bobby for a moment and tell us — did you catch the low-key real highlight of the video? That’s right, it’s the line in the spreadsheet where one man’s relationship status is described as “Complicated (70% single).” Ummm… WTF?! Can we get an explanation on that?! Is some Ross-Rachel-level miscommunication about to happen here?! WE WERE ON A BREAK!!!


According to Newsweek, the original TikTok video was deleted at some point on Thursday. The full video clip survives on Twitter, though — CLICK HERE to see the original tweet that went CRAZY viral on Thursday morning before Cruz pulled the clip from his TikTok account.

Thankfully, Twitter users were in a MOOD once this thing started doing viral numbers, and some of the

“Imagine setting up a class system inside your friend group lmao”

“I’m sorry but if that’s what you call broke for ‘broke bobby’ then I must be homeless lmao”

“$125,000 is broke? I’m tryna be broke like that then!!!”

“I hope this is fake. People are starving, dying, suffering. No one needs to see this. Also, your friends were fine putting their income on blast? Reevaluate yourself. It’s sick.”

“So the 6 millionaires can’t pay extra?”

“Do people actually go on tiktok to see rich people humble brag?”

That last one… that’s what we want to know!

What about U guys?? Shocked by this salary talk and “Broke Bobby” reveal?! Loving it?! Hating it??

Sound OFF with your take on today’s TikTok tiff down in the comments (below)!

[Image via Paramount Pictures/YouTube.]

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