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Bruce Willis' Wife Emma Heming Reveals She’s 'Not Good' In Raw Video

Emma Heming Reveals She’s ‘Not Good’ In Raw Video Amid Husband Bruce Willis’ Dementia Battle

Bruce Willis’ wife opened up about the struggles of being a care partner in a raw new video. Emma Heming says she’s “not good” — but she’s trying her best.

In the new vid, she talked about putting her “best foot forward” each and every day not only for her own sake, but for the sake of her two young daughters, Mabel, 11, and Evelyn, 9, as their father he continues to battle frontotemporal dementia.

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The 45-year-old took to Instagram on Monday to ask followers to share photos of something “beautiful” from their days as a way to “break up” her “doom and gloom” thinking. And the result was notably emotional for the mother of two! She opened up in the selfie video:

“Hi, so I finished my hike and your pictures are making me so happy. So, why am I asking you to do that? I’m asking care partners to send me photos because I just think it’s so important for us to sort of break up our thinking — which can feel, for me, very much like doom and gloom.”

Poor woman! It must be so hard to see her partner battle such an unforgiving ailment. She continued:

“I know it looks like I’m out living my best life. I have to make a conscious effort every single day to live the best life that I can. I do that for myself, I do that for our two children, and Bruce, who would not want me to live any other way.”

We definitely agree that the Armageddon star would want Emma to live out as fulfilling a life as possible as she cares for him, but we’re sure it’s difficult to find joy when her life partner is fighting such a devastating condition. She added:

“So, I don’t want it to be misconstrued that, like, I’m good, because I’m not. I’m not good. But I have to put my best foot forward for the sake of myself and my family because, again, when we are not looking after ourselves, we cannot look after anyone that we love. So, it’s really important and, like I said, this is a conscious effort. It does not come to me easily, but I am just doing the best that I can. Always.”

Hey, of course! Most spouses don’t sign up to be a caregiver to their partner. It’s not something that comes easily to most, and the fact she hanging in there so well is commendable! We’re in your corner, Emma!

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She concluded her video on a wise note, telling fans:

“So, your pictures are making me happy, I just want you to take a moment out of your day, and I know that your day is stressful, and I know that your day is hard, but I just want you to break it up for a minute — just for a second — and just look for something beautiful.”

The model admitted in her caption alongside the video that she doesn’t have things down to a “fine-science,” but that she’s trying. She also shared the following “affirmation” for fellow care partners who may be going through hard times:

“When we are not looking after ourselves, we are no good to the people we love who we want to show up for and take care of.”

Self love is so important! She’s so strong! We’re sure Emma has the support of Bruce’s ex-wife Demi Moore, as well as their three shared daughters, Rumer, Scout, and Tallulah.

What do you think of Emma’s message, Perezcious readers? Share some support in the comments down below!

[Images via Emma Heming/Instagram]

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