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Bob Saget & Candace Cameron Bure Got Into A Fight During Their Final Conversation

Candace Cameron Bure Got Into A Little Argument With Bob Saget During Their Final Text Conversation

Candace Cameron Bure experienced a rollercoaster of emotions during her last conversation with Bob Saget.

The Fuller House lead appeared on The Today Show Thursday morning to open up about the impact her TV dad had on her real life, and in doing so, she made a surprising reveal: the last conversation she shared with the 65-year-old, who sadly passed away last month, was not ideal.

Speaking candidly with Hoda Kotb, Candace admitted she last communicated with the stand-up comedian two weeks before his sudden death on January 9, explaining:

“We were going to have dinner. And we got into a little tiff. And his flight was delayed. We ended up not having dinner.”

Thankfully, they resolved their issues before he passed. (Can you imagine how sad it would have been had the longtime friends ended on a bad note?? Oof.)

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Bure continued:

“But in Bob fashion, the next day he wrote me, like, what would be pages long of a text. And he was apologizing, saying he was cranky and he was just so sorry.”

He even compared himself to his late mother Dolly, who passed away in 2014, sharing with his on-screen daughter:

“He said, ‘Oh, now I feel even worse. I was so wrong. You’re, like, my favorite person on the Earth and I acted like Dolly. I was getting ready to take a late flight, and I was annoyed.’”

She continued:

“Bob went on and on and on in the text. And he said at the end, ‘I love you more for the trouble you’re giving me, if that’s even possible.’”

Aww! Getting teary-eyed, the Hallmark star said while choked up:

“I wrote back… ‘I love you. I could never be mad at you. Roll my eyes at you? Yes. But never mad. And I love that [you’re being like] Dolly. That made me laugh out loud. I loved your mom.’”

Her very final message from the How I Met Your Mother actor was:

“I love you. My mom loved you too.”

Wow. We continue to be so floored with how expressive Bob was about his love for his family and friends — and what an important lesson that is! He was able to make sure everyone in his close circle knew just how much he appreciated them before he passed. Such a gift.

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The final message is so special to Candace that she admitted to the daytime TV host she’s terrified to mess with the phone too much for fear she might accidentally delete it, saying:

“I’m so scared that I’m going to pull up his text and then accidentally delete it one day. It scares me so much because I don’t ever want to lose this.”

Elsewhere in the interview, when Hoda pointed out that Candace was still referring to Bob in the present tense, she expressed:

“I can’t believe he’s gone forever. My brain has just not comprehended that. You know, I think for TV viewers, again, you might think like, ‘Oh, he played your dad on TV.’ But Bob was so much more than that. I mean, really one of my closest friends for 35 years, so to think that he’s not here and we’re not going to have another joke, or another hug, or just another bit of ridiculousness in life is almost unbearable for me to think about.”

As Perezcious readers know, Bob was found dead in his Orlando, Florida hotel room. No signs of foul play or drug use were found on the scene. An investigation is ongoing to determine his cause of death.

His Full House family and many other friends have been continually outspoken about the impact he had on their lives; this latest interview is just one more example of that. Take a listen to part of the chat (below).

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[Image via Today & Candace Cameron Bure/Instagram]

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