Woman Gives Birth To Her Fifth Child In A Moving Car! WATCH!

Baby On Board!

Woman Gives Birth To Her Fifth Child In A Moving Car!

Baby on board!

In a video posted to Instagram on Thursday, Texas resident Alexis Swinney gives birth to her fifth child in a moving car in front of her kids and husband Dominique, who filmed the now-viral clip!

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In the shocking footage, the 25-year-old mother is seen kneeling on the passenger seat while her husband drives his brood to a hospital.

At one point, he even asks his wife:

“Can you wait, like, two minutes?”

Unfortunately (or fortunately), the newborn could not wait to make its arrival!

According to the family Insta page, Alexis said “there was something beyond special” about delivering her own baby, adding:

“No doctors or nurses, no lights, or busy people, no one interrupting a moment that should be the most special moments for families as they bring life into the world. The pain was there, but the joy and peace that followed in those minutes we got to spend alone with our sweet girl was more rewarding then anything I could have asked for.”

WATCH the crazy clip (below):

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There was something beyond special, about getting to deliver my own baby. No doctors or nurses, no lights, or busy people, no one interrupting a moment that should be the most special moments for families as they bring life into the world. The pain was there, but the joy and peace that followed in those minutes we got to spend alone with our sweet girl was more rewarding then anything I could have asked for. I honestly think that God allowed me to deliver safely in the car, instead of making it to the hospital, because He knew that my desire for a birth that was without interruption and full of hormones between baby and I, that desire was so deep. And something that the hospital just couldn’t provide for me. People are shocked and often apologize that I didn’t make it to the hospital. They don’t understand that I just experienced something unrivaled to anything I could have imagined. I witnessed my body take over and a baby be born into my hands. My body is not swollen, and I have no tears. I had my husband and children around me, and for 5 minutes, we embraced everything that happened without any interruption. Our family has preferred a unique chaos It was crazy. But it was Amazing. @birthtube @birthwithoutfear @gracedinbirth @mindfulbirthproject @empoweredbirthproject

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[Image via Swinney Family/Instagram.]

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Explosive New Lawsuit Alleges New York City Ballet Is A ‘Breeding Ground For Sexual Exploitation’

NYC Ballet Under Fire

Explosive New Lawsuit Alleges New York City Ballet Is A 'Breeding Ground For Sexual Exploitation'

The New York City Ballet is the subject of a new lawsuit that alleges it is a “breeding ground for sexual exploitation,” where male dancers regularly both take advantage of female ballerinas, and share explicit photos of them without their consent.

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Alexandra Waterbury (pictured above), a student-dancer at the school, filed the lawsuit against the ballet company itself, as well as her ex-boyfriend Chase Finlay specifically — a man who, until last month when he resigned, was the school’s principal male dancer.

The suit is explosive: in it, Waterbury alleges that Finlay and other male dancers would share pictures and video clips of the sexual encounters they’d had with various female dancers in the company.

In a set of text messages Waterbury allegedly found on Finlay’s computer, he’s accused of writing to another male dancer, “You have any pictures of girls you’ve f**ked? I’ll send you some [hot] ballerina girls I’ve made scream.”


The lawsuit goes on and on with more lewd details about how male dancers, students, and even allegedly a few donors to the ballet company were in on a lewd, sexually explicit group chat sharing pictures and more — and each one is shared in explicit, adult-themed detail based on Finlay’s recovered text messages, the suit claims.

And the lawsuit comes less than a week after the NYC Ballet announced that two of their other male principals — Amar Ramasar and Zachary Catazaro — have been suspended for the upcoming season due to “inappropriate communications.”

The suit is a civil one — meaning Waterbury is seeking financial damages and wholesale change at the school, though she hasn’t contacted the police about any of the lewd allegations. She is reportedly considering filing criminal charges in the future, though.

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Waterbury said in a statement (below):

“Every time I see a little girl in a tutu or with her hair on the a bun on the way to ballet class all I can think is that she should run in the other direction because no one will protect her like no one protected me. Parents have the right to know before they send their children there, before they spend thousands of dollars on tuition, you should know what you’re getting yourself into.”


And on her Instagram account yesterday, Waterbury shared her relief that the story was finally out (below):

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Speaking out today lifted a huge weight off of my shoulders. I have been wanting to share this for months but needed to take the necessary steps in doing so. Today freed me and my story. My truth will be known and I will not be silent. My heart is broken for victims of sexual assault everywhere. To understand the strength of the women coming forward is amazing and I applaud you all. In watching them I found the courage to do the same. 2018 is the year of strong women. Do not accept mistreatment and abuse. You deserve equality, let alone basic human decency. I'm so grateful for my family and friends that have been with me this entire time. They have stood by me, supporting me and comforting me daily. I'm not sure what else to say for now as this entire thing leaves me speechless at times. To any women or victims out there just know, you are not alone. Their time is up. 🖤#TimesUp #MeToo

A post shared by Waterbury (@alexandra_waterbury) on

Whew… that’s a lot to take in.

Shocking, shocking stuff — and something tells us the NYC Ballet is in BIG trouble…

Thoughts, Perezcious readers?! Let us know in the comments (below)…

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Is Making Someone THINK They’re Invisible Going To Be The Next Viral Challenge?

Make 'Em Invisible!

Is THIS The Newest Viral Challenge??


From #InMyFeelings to the Ice Bucket Challenge to Supermanning, there have been SO many viral trends that have swept across the internet the last few years.

But this one… this one’s actually good.

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It needs a catchy name (uhh, Invisibling…?!) but the premise is really simple: gather a group of friends, do a “magic trick” on one of ’em, and with the acting help of the whole group, convince that one friend that he/she is actually invisible!

Ch-ch-check out the amazing job of it done by comedian Justin Willman (above), or even the more amateur-ish version pulled on a young pal by YouTube star David Dobrik (below) — they’re both seriously funny with a great pay-off at the end:


This is too funny!

What do U think, Perezcious readers?! Y’all should go try it on an unsuspecting person as soon as you can!

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NYC Teenager Falls To Her Death Off Fire Escape While Trying To Retrieve Cell Phone

NYC Teen Dead After Fall

Girl, 15, Died After Falling Five Stories While Trying To Retrieve Cell Phone

A 15-year-old girl is dead after falling from the fifth floor fire escape of a building in New York City over the weekend, and police are calling the whole thing a tragic, but accidental death.

Imogen Roche had been at a party in the TriBeCa neighborhood around 11:00 p.m. local time on Sunday night when she allegedly slipped off the fire escape, and fell five stories to the ground.

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People who witnessed the incident called police, and the 15-year-old was quickly transported to the hospital, where she was later pronounced dead.

Upon further investigation, the NYPD came to the conclusion that the fall was accidental. Roche, cops say, was trying to get into a locked room in the apartment to retrieve her cell phone, which had been inside.

Pending further investigation, police don’t expect to file criminal charges against anyone in what they are already calling an accidental death.

For those who knew Roche, though, this is a real tragedy; high school friend Tori Hodes told the media (below):

“[Roche] was really emphatic and always knew what to say to her friends who were struggling. She always told her friends that things would get better. She was really creative. She loved to sing, dance and act. She wrote a lot of songs … She was really passionate and loyal to her friends.”

So, so sad.

A beautiful life, taken too soon.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Imogen Roche’s family, friends, and loved ones.


[Image via NBC New York.]

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Florida Woman Investigated By Police After Video Goes Viral Showing Her Dunking Toddler’s Head In Toilet As Punishment

Florida Mom Under Investigation

Outrage After Video Showing Mom Dunking Toddler's Head In Toilet Goes Viral

A Florida mom is being investigated by Child Protective Services after a video went viral that appears to show her disciplining a young son by dunking his head in the toilet and flushing.

The boy can be heard screaming “no” and crying during the video, while somebody off-camera at the very end of the video appears to say something like “that’s so mean.”

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The mom, named in local news reports as Kaitlyn Wolf from Leesburg, Florida, claims that the whole thing was a joke, done to discipline her three-year-old son after he used bad language.

Wolf apparently sent the video to an ex-boyfriend of hers, who then released it publicly, to where we are today.

Here’s the video in question (below):


The original video in question appears to have originated on Facebook; you can see it (and the comments and reactions to it) by clicking HERE.

Already, the local police department in Florida is investigating after major public outcry to see whether there is a criminal aspect to this case (below):

The Leesburg Police Department has received multiple calls and messages about a recently shared Facebook video,…

Posted by Leesburg Police Department on Sunday, September 2, 2018

Stunning that someone would do this in the first place… even more stunning that they’d decide to share the video with anyone, not even thinking it could get out to the public…

[Image via Facebook.]

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Republican Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh Turns His Back On Parkland Victim’s Father — Watch

SCOTUS Nom Turns His Back

GOP Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh Literally Turns His Back On Parkland Victim's Father

This is horribly embarrassing for Brett Kavanaugh — the man the Republican Party is hoping will be our next Supreme Court Justice.

During a break in a confirmation hearing over his potential appointment earlier today, Kavanaugh was approached by a man named Fred Guttenberg, who reached out with his hand to shake that of Kavanaugh’s.

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Now, you (probably) don’t know the name Fred Guttenberg, but you unfortunately know of his daughter: Jamie Guttenberg was one of the 17 people killed in the Parkland, Florida shooting earlier this year at Stoneman Douglas High School.

Well, the elder Guttenberg wanted to shake Kavanaugh’s hand as he was getting up to leave… and wouldn’t you be shocked to know what the ultra right-winger Kavanaugh did when he heard about Guttenberg’s connection to Parkland.

You can sort of it see it on video (above), but ch-ch-check out the video (below) that REALLY captures what happened:

Um… WOW.

What a freakin’ scumbag!!!

Guttenberg himself even knew what was up (below):


The White House has responded, saying security intervened before he could shake his hand, but watch THIS angle and decide for yourself:

It seems he had ample chance to shake Guttenberg’s hand if he wanted to.

Seriously shameful, Brett Kavanaugh!

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MTV Reportedly Forbids Jenelle Evans From Carrying Or Possessing Firearms While Filming ‘Teen Mom 2’

MTV Disarms Jenelle!

'Teen Mom 2' Star Officially Forbidden From Carrying Guns While Filming For MTV

MTV has laid down the law — and thank goodness for that!

According to reports, the network has officially forbidden Jenelle Evans from filming any Teen Mom 2 scenes while she’s packin’ heat — all this after her scary armed road rage incident recently.

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Per Radar Online, network execs have told Jenelle that if she wants to keep filming for the show, she’s not allowed to carry any of her guns, or any owned by husband David Eason, on her hip, in her bag, in her car, or anywhere else while on camera.

Apparently, it wasn’t just the road rage incident itself that sparked this change — it’s the fact that Jenelle tried to lie and downplay what happened during it when called out. No bueno!

Evans has previously noted that all her weapons are legal and permitted — but even that won’t change MTV’s minds. Good for them! Things should’ve never gotten to this point, but now that they’re here, good for the network for taking a stand.

Oh, and even though Jenelle has previously claimed she would quit the show, a source reveals that ain’t happening… she’ll be back to film — and soon — even though her husband isn’t allowed back at all (below):

“Jenelle is filming again next week … Jenelle’s threats didn’t work, and MTV is not allowing David back on the show, no matter what. And he still can’t be around for filming.”


What do U think, Perezcious readers?! Did MTV make the right decision here??

Share all your opinions with us in the comments (below)!!!

[Image via MTV/YouTube.]

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Jenelle Evans Has 99 Problems, And Her Exes Are Two Of ‘Em! Custody Drama & An Assault Arrest — Details HERE

Jenelle Evans'

An Arrest & Custody Drama For The 'Teen Mom 2' Star!

Poor Jenelle Evans.

While the Teen Mom 2 star navigates the aftermath of her own controversial armed road rage incident, two of her ex-boyfriends are back in the news… and it ain’t good.

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Most notably, Jenelle’s ex Courtland Keith Rogers was arrested this weekend in North Carolina on charges of assaulting a woman.


Rogers was arrested on Sunday in Leland, North Carolina and booked on the charges — and it’s the court magistrate’s finding of probable cause that is particularly scary, per TMZ (below):

“The court magistrate says they found probable cause to believe that Rogers had brutally attacked a woman named Lindsey Frazier on Sunday by allegedly slapping her, dragging her by the hair and pulling her hair out. The magistrate also says Frazier credibly alleged Rogers had threatened her and her family’s lives and threw her phone against a wall to prevent her from calling 911.”

OMG! Horrifying!!!

Bond was set at $100,000 for Rogers, who has also been arrested this year on drug charges; we’ll keep you apprised of that legal case as it winds its way through the courts.

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Meanwhile, another ex is specifically giving Jenelle a headache right now, too: Nathan Griffith  is publicly accusing the Teen Mom 2 star of purposely keeping their four-year-old son Kaiser away from him!

Griffith spoke to TMZ about it today, claiming Jenelle is using “phony excuses” to stop Nathan and Kaiser from spending time together.

The baby daddy thinks this all goes back to him being arrested in the past for criminal wrongdoing in a child abuse investigation — but Nathan has been cleared of that, now, and is pissed that Jenelle may still be holding it against him.

No word yet of legal action or anything on Griffith’s part, but judging by his frustration level now, it sure sounds like we’re getting close to something boiling over.

Just another day in the life of Jenelle and her crazy exes!

[Image via WENN.]

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Mass Shooting, Multiple Casualties At Video Game Tournament In Jacksonville, Florida — Reports

Mass Shooting In Florida

Reportedly Multiple Casualties At Video Game Tournament In Jacksonville

Here we go again…

It appears within the last few hours there has been another mass shooting — this time, reportedly at a Madden NFL video game tournament in a bar in Jacksonville, Florida.

Story developing — we’ll continue to update (below) as we know more:

And here (Warning: NSFW, Very Graphic and Disturbing) is a clip of the Madden video game play going on just as the shooting itself first begins (below):


And so, so sad.

Thoughts and prayers for the victims as this story continues to develops.

Ugh. Just awful.

[Image via Twitter.]

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Carey Hart Shares Pic From Adorably Weird ‘Family Meeting’ As Kids Invade Pink’s Husband In The Bathroom!

Carey Hart's 'Family Meeting'

Pink's Husband Shares Hilarious & Awkward Family Bathroom Pic -- LOLz!!

This is too funny!!!

It’s tough for parents to get away from the grind sometimes and find a little bit of privacy — as Carey Hart no doubt just found out yesterday at home with Pink and the kids!

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The 43-year-old motocross star revealed an impromptu family meeting that went down right at the worst possible time for the poor guy, as you can see (below):


Kids just don’t get it — sometimes they just really want to spend time with dad, ya  know?!

Too cute!! And too perfect an example of what parenting is really like sometimes! Ha!!

[Image via Instagram.]

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