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Charli & Dixie D'Amelio Call Out Paparazzi's 'Super Uncomfortable' Invasion Of Their Privacy!

Charli & Dixie D’Amelio Complain About Paparazzi’s ‘Super Uncomfortable’ Invasion Of Privacy!

TikTok megastars Charli and Dixie D’Amelio have had it with the paparazzi!!

On the latest episode of their podcast Charli and Dixie: 2 Chix, the sisters lament about being followed constantly, specifically calling out two photographers openly, Kevin Wong and Pap Galore, who allegedly won’t leave their sides. Charli goes as far as to claim their actions have been “really grinding my gears,” elaborating in a plea aimed directly at the paps:

“Please stop waiting outside my house. [It’s] super weird, super uncomfortable—big invasion of privacy. Home is supposed to be a safe space, not a place where you have people waiting for you.”

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Dixie agreed with her 16-year-old sister’s frustration, remarking:

“I think it’s really funny because every time I leave my apartment they’re illegally parked right outside. Then they follow me all the way to your house.”

It’s not like either sis was unprepared or unaware of the attention they’d garner once gaining massive online followings last year, but their breaking point has come now that, despite making “great friendships” with the cameramen (in hopes of easing some of this stress), they feel the outlets have crossed the line.

Charli, who amassed over 100 million TikTok followers in 2020, acknowledged:

“I understand that this is your job, but just the waiting outside the house thing really isn’t cool. It’s so weird.”

The constant attention has also affected Noah Beck’s girlfriend, who claims she can no longer enjoy her free time in the car, as she divulged:

“I like play my music super loud and it’s super fun. And then I can’t even do that because my car—the speakers, you can hear the music outside of the car and I get embarrassed.”

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Okay, well…  what are you listening to that’s got you so embarrassed?? LOLz!

Even the Early Late Show star’s best attempts at diverging the paps have been unsuccessful. Dixie said:

“I try to get away from them but they still follow me everywhere and I just don’t get out of my car.”

Most recently, the girls’ father Marc was interviewed by Kevin about the family’s controversial Bahamas trip, which included many other social media influencers. While he paused for questions, the dad’s expressions seemed to suggest a similar annoyed feeling about the constant following.

Concluding their rant, the teens blamed the pandemic for much of this laser-focused attention since there’s been “zero content from anyone.” Still, they’d like Kevin and Pap Galore to give it a rest!

But if you have such “great friendships” with them, why not say it to their faces?? What’s the point of airing it out on your podcast? Opinions on this public confrontation, Perezcious readers?

[Image via Dixie D’Amelio/YouTube]

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Jan 22, 2021 10:46am PDT

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