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Selling Sunset’s Christine Quinn Is A Mom! Find Out The Baby Boy's Name HERE!

Selling Sunset’s Christine Quinn Gives Birth!

Christine Quinn is a MOMMY! The wifey and her husband Christian Richard confirmed the arrival of their first child on Wednesday!

Christian Georges Dumontet was born on Saturday, May 15, at 4:22 p.m. in El Lay. The baby boy weighed 6 lbs., 14 oz., and measured 20.5 inches long.

Christine shared with People:

“Baby C is more precious that I could have ever imagined. Nine months seems like a lifetime to wait to meet someone. It is the most incredible feeling to know that you have created life. My protective mama bear mentality is stronger than ever. My sole job is to protect him, to love him and to raise him. Let’s just say he was born with good taste. He has a closet filled with designer outfits that I cannot wait to dress him in!”

Quinn also revealed that her water broke right as she got home from filming the new season of her reality TV show Selling Sunset:

“It was a giant gush of fluid, just like in the movies. I wrapped a towel around my waist and off we went to the hospital. Twenty-two minutes later, Baby C was born via emergency c-section performed by Dr. Steve A. Rad. He was incredible under the pressure and complexity of the situation. Baby C was very eager to make his appearance in this world and in dramatic fashion — he got that from his mommy.”

The HBIC of real estate also opened up about how wonderful her husband was during the entire process:

“He was very calm throughout the whole process. One day I might share more about what happened, but for right now, I am humbled and grateful that three of us came home from the hospital.”

And on the birth, she gushed:

“It was the most magical moment of my life. Suddenly, there is a tiny human in my arms. It was surreal when I was finally able to hold him and kiss his little nose. I can’t believe that we created this little miracle.”

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The Netflix personality first broke her pregnancy news to People in February saying:

“We happily can share the news that we are going to be parents! I’m a firm believer in manifesting my dreams and ’til this day, have always done so. This beautiful pregnancy was manifested. We knew that we wanted to create a family in 2021 and I envisioned myself pregnant as I did my daily meditations.”

On Instagram, where she shared some STUNNING baby bump photos in a gorgeous white dress surrounded by matching flowers (below), the momma gushed:

“My heart is already bursting with love and gratitude for this little life inside me. I’m humbled, awestruck, and inspired. It’s already a feeling like no other that I’ve ever experienced, and all I can think about is how we can be the best parents possible. We can’t wait to start our family!”

She added on her growing family:

“I know becoming a mother will change me for the better, and I can’t wait to experience this next chapter together as a family.”

So freaking sweet! The reality TV personality has also already dubbed her baby a “night owl, like me” because during pregnancy she moved “mainly at night!” We’re sure Christine is in for a wild ride as she adjusts to life with a tot at home! But good thing she likes staying up late already! LOLz.

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Getting her through pregnancy were her tried and true cravings:

“Fresh fruit, pizza with ranch (but not just any pizza — it must be Pizza Hut pizza!) and tons of Dr. Pepper.”

The tech entrepreneur’s wife is also well aware that the affects of coronavirus have led to a lot of quarantine babies! She joked to the same outlet in March:

“It seems like there are so many COVID babies because the only thing left to do was Netflix and chill. So we were doing a lot of Netflix and chilling.”

Don’t think the fairly relaxed nature of Christine’s last few months led her to feeling totally at-ease with the approaching arrival of her baby, though! The star said she was most nervous about giving birth, explaining:

“I think that we watch television and films, and they make it into horror films in the movies. Women are screaming and they’re just holding on to things and sweating everywhere. A lot of my friends reassured me, ‘No, it’s not like that. It’s not like the movies. I promise.’ So I would say, the thing that I’m most nervous about is definitely delivery. I’m sure it’s going to go smooth, but it’s one of those things that is different for everyone. Some people have natural birth, some people use epidurals, some people require c-sections.”

Hardest parts over then, Christine!! Now you get to go enjoy starting your family with Christian! Congrats!!

[Image via Christine Quinn/Instagram]

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