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Dalton Gomez Has Been Dating Other People For 'Months' -- And Here's How Ariana Grande Feels About It!

Dalton Gomez Has Been Dating Other People For 'Months' -- How Does Ariana Grande Feel About That??

Even though news of the now-former couple’s coming divorce is new to the world, it turns out both Dalton Gomez and Ariana Grande have been set to move on in their own ways for a while now.

And nowhere is that more apparent than in the El Lay real estate agent’s dating life! According to a new report, Gomez has been seeing other women recently as he and the pop princess now move to make their split official. Whoa!!

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On Monday afternoon, TMZ reported this new romantic wrinkle. They claim Gomez “has been dating over the last few months,” pretty much ever since that failed January attempt to win back Ariana’s heart. And even more interestingly, per a source, Dalton’s dalliances with new woman have apparently been “fine with Ariana.” No hard feelings!

So it really is over then! If you didn’t buy our divorce reporting from the last 24 hours, this new tidbit about Dalton dating and Ariana being OK with it should really seal the deal.

Interestingly, a source also told that outlet about how both parties are “shocked” that no news orgs broke their separation news until Monday’s reveal. Suffice to say, the realtor and the Wicked star emotionally moved on from their marriage a while ago, even if we’re all just now catching up! Jeez!

As for what led to their downfall, the way TMZ frames things, it sounds like they unraveled quite a bit after pandemic restrictions loosened and the world got (mostly) back to normal. Insiders claim Dalton and Ariana had a tight bond back in 2020 when the lockdowns happened. But after restrictions slowly lifted over the next year or two, cracks began to show.

For one, Gomez was apparently “taken aback” by just how famous the Victorious alum really is. Which, like, duh?! He was supposedly shocked at her crazy work schedule, the endless paparazzi attention, and all the entertainment biz ventures that required her to constantly leave El Lay. And as if that weren’t enough, he also grew frustrated with “why they needed to go around town with security.” Having security on hand was obviously “a must” for Grande, but Gomez apparently couldn’t vibe with it. Different worlds!

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Fast forward to last December, and Ariana’s move to film Wicked in England exacerbated the rift between the two spouses. From there, they were “living separate lives until May,” when they took a mini-shot at one more reconciliation. That didn’t happen, and after a couple weeks of attempts, it was all over.

Still, it sounds like Dalton’s apparent dating over the past few months hasn’t soured things between the pair. As Page Six reported earlier on Monday, the ex-couple has kept things extremely amicable during the breakup. An insider told that outlet:

“They came to the decision together. They were having problems before January, but they want to remain best friends. … They’ve been really good friends throughout the entire process, and their friends and families have been trying to protect them.”

So it sounds like they can move on in a mature way. That’s good, at least. Reactions, Perezcious readers??

[Image via Ariana Grande/Instagram/WENN/Avalon]

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