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Demi Lovato Had An 'Incredible' Close Encounter With A UFO!

Demi Lovato Had An 'Incredible' Close Encounter With A UFO!

Demi Lovato is embarking on a whole new journey!

On Thursday, the pop star’s new show Unidentified With Demi Lovato drops on Peacock, and ahead of its release they are opening up about the mindblowing UFO encounter that inspired the extra-terrestrial project!

While chatting with E! NewsDaily Pop on Monday, the musician, who uses they/them pronouns, gushed about the reality TV series that follows them and their “non-believer” best friend Matthew Scott Montgomery and sister Dallas Lovato on a hunt for proof of alien life on Earth.

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While detailing what people can expect from the show, the Breakdown vocalist said this interest goes way back:

“I just have a curiosity about this topic that I’ve always had so I wanted to find out for myself.”

Their first alien encounter, which occurred before filming for Unidentified began and inspired this search for answers, happened in the desert while on a trip to Joshua Tree:

“We went out into the desert in Joshua Tree and I basically saw this blue orb that was about 50 feet away, maybe less, and it was kind of like floating above the ground, just like 10 or 15 feet, and it was kind of keeping its distance from me.”

Rather than be freaked the f**k out by the orb, like most might, Demi had a totally different reaction, saying:

“It was a beautiful and incredible experience.”

It also changed their whole perspective on life, the Disney Channel alum added:

“It definitely changed the way that you see the world. You have an inkling and then all of a sudden that inkling is confirmed. It changes your reality, for sure.”

Promoting Unidentified, the celebs suggested even the most stubborn skeptics might change their mind about aliens after watching the series — because Matthew and Dallas both became a bit of a believer themselves!

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The So Random! lead revealed:

“I would say I’m definitely a lot less of a skeptic than I was before.”

Dallas even offered some advice to critical viewers, sharing:

“With all this UFO stuff, being open and being ready to accept it helps. I think we were, and I think that shows.”

If that’s not enough to get you to tune in, the 4D podcast host teased what fans can expect to see on-screen, noting:

“We laughed a lot and we saw some really interesting things that we captured on camera.”

Our interest is piqued! Check out the friends’ full interview here:

Curious to spot some aliens IRL? Watch the trailer for Demi’s new show (below)!

Will U be watching this series, Perezcious readers?? Let us know in the comments (below)!

[Image via Peacock/YouTube]

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