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Donald Trump's Newest Fangirl Candace Owens Was Running A Trump-Bashing Website Not Even 2 Years Ago...

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This is absolutely something you’d expect to happen in the world of Donald Trump, where nobody vets anybody for anything, and seemingly every day the Cheeto-in-Chief’s administration comes out looking bad for hiring, promoting, or endorsing one kind of buffoon or another.
Today’s embarrassing endorsement comes via Candace Owens, the black conservative media darling who all of a sudden has taken the political world by storm… with a little help from Kanye West.
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The issue here, according to a report coming out from BuzzFeed, is that not even two years ago, Miz Owens was running a full-fledged anti-Trump website called Degree180!!
Now that she’s in Trump’s good graces and the subject of his tweets calling her a “very smart thinker” who is “having a big impact on politics,” doesn’t her 180-degree turn (forgive the pun) seem a little… opportunist???
Degree180 is defunct now and has been for some months, but BuzzFeed has screengrabs of the content, and it’s the kind of weird political Thought Catalog-style blogging that you’d expect from a young conservative who doesn’t really yet have feel for her voice.
In one post, one of Owens’ writers on the site published a piece titled Serious Question: Is Donald Trump a Social Experiment?. In another, a writer compared Trump’s anti-immigration pledges and obvious anti-Muslim bias to goings-on in Nazi Germany in the 1940s.
In April, 2016, one contributor wrote a sarcastic Thank You Letter to Donald Trump, wherein the writer acknowledged Trump had alerted her to political awareness, even though he made her skin crawl.
And maybe the most offensive anti-Trump article Candace Owens’ Degree180 site published was titled Does Donald Trump Actually Have A Small Penis?
As you might expect… it pondered whether Trump was hung like a tic-tac… and concluded “Donald Trump most likely has a penis the size of an infant… Hitler is the one guy that comes to mind that may have topped him.”
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For her part, Candace is blathering on about harassment and fake news over the story being run by the site in the first place (below):

Ok then, Candace!
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Obviously, people’s views change and evolve, but the issue here isn’t so much that… it’s more that Trump, in his ever-amazing capacity to literally fuck up the most simple things imaginable, can’t even find an ally in his party who wasn’t horribly criticizing him a matter of months ago.
And as for Owens… well she looks like quite the opportunist, doesn’t she?!?!
Thoughts, Perezcious readers???
Let us know your opinions in the comments (below)!!!
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