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DoorDash Driver FIRED After Cursing Out Customer Over 25% Tip!

DoorDash Cans Driver After He Appears To Curse Out Customer Over 25% Tip! WTF?!

How much is a proper tip for a DoorDash driver?

Ten percent is way too low, especially considering they’re bringing you food from God-knows-where, right? Well, what about 15%?? Or 20%?! Or even 25%?!?!

If you think a 25% tip is a pretty solid amount for a DoorDash tip, get ready for this story, y’all. Because it apparently wasn’t enough for one now-fired driver! He was so pissed about the amount that he had words with the tipper!!

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Over the July 4th holiday weekend, a woman named Lacey Purciful popped up on TikTok with a shocking doorbell camera video. In it, viewers can see a DoorDash driver walk up to her front porch with a pizza delivery. As he hands off the food to the Texas woman and her family, he appears to say on camera:

“I just want to say it’s a nice house for a $5 tip.”

Not knowing how to respond, Purciful tells him:

“You’re welcome.”

At which point he appears to shockingly add this as he’s walking away:

“F**k you.”


In a text block superimposed over the vid, Lacey wrote more about the context of the $5 tip. According to her, it was for a $20 pizza order!! She asked:

“So how much should I be tipping for a $20 pie?”

And she added in the caption:

“My lovely Dasher Corey believes I should be tipping 50%.”

So, basically, she gave a 25% tip for the food… And that wasn’t good enough?! Watch the exchange for yourself (below):


My lovely Dasher Corey believes I should be tipping 50% ????????????????#doordash #doordashdriver #doordasher #doordashers #pizza #pizzalover #pizzahut #fyp #momsoftiktok #momsover30 #bigmad #rude #vivint #vivintdoorbellcamera #smile @DoorDash @DoorDash

♬ original sound – Lacey Purciful


What a video. Seriously, 25% is a GOOD tip! We totally get that those DoorDash jobs are hard and unforgiving. And a lot of the people Dashers run across are undoubtedly poor tippers. But getting this mad over 25%?? Come on!! If you got 25% across the board, you’d be making bank, right??

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FWIW, Lacey shared a second post with another order to clarify her beliefs on tipping. In the follow-up vid, Purciful showed a second order she made over the long pre-holiday weekend in which a receipt showed she offered a $5.50 tip before receiving her food. Then, she added another $5 tip after she interacted with a (far more polite) second Dasher!

She wrote:

“This was the same day as the Pizza incident. I have worked in the Service Industry for over 10 years!! I do Tip very well. But I also tip on my interaction with the Dasher. This kind man was so sweet & friendly!! Thanks for being kind!!”


This was the same Day as the Pizza Incident. I have worked in the Service Industry for over 10 years!! I do Tip very well. But I also tip on my interaction with the Dasher. This kind man was so sweet & friendly!! Thanks for being kind!! ????????#doordash #doordashdriver #doordasher #doordashers #fyp #momsoftiktok #momsover30 #goodtip #dunkindonuts #dunkin

♬ original sound – Lacey Purciful

In case you were wondering, the original Dasher was apparently banished from driving for the company after the unfortunate first incident went viral.

DoorDash confirmed to NBC News that the Dasher identified as “Corey” by Purciful has been “removed from the platform due to the incident in question.” The food delivery company went on to add this to the news outlet:

“Respectfully asking for a tip is acceptable but abusing or harassing someone is never acceptable. Our rules exist to help ensure everyone who uses our platform — Dashers, customers, merchants — have a safe and enjoyable experience. We expect everyone to treat others with respect and we will enforce our rules fairly and consistently.”

DoorDash also told the news outlet that they had reached out to Purciful. She later explained in a comment on one of her videos that they sent her a $5 credit. How poetic!

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As for the comments of her initial post that kicked off the whole controversy, TikTokers were divided between getting mad at the delivery driver for his actions, and getting mad at tipping culture in general:

“wowwww some of these people are so entitled”

“Of course it’s nice to tip but it’s not required so he should be happy he got anything”

“I can’t see paying for the food and having to tip I paid for delivery. It makes no sense.”

“DoorDash tips are based on mileage not purchase price!!! If he drove more than 4 miles, then that too sucked. Go get your own food.”

“[Companies] need to start paying their drivers”

“a tip should be equal to the time and effort involved; not based on the price of the product ordered”

“I wish companies would just pay their workers fairly so tipping wouldn’t be such a big deal”

The Great Debate!

What about U, tho, Perezcious readers?? Do U think the now-ex-Dasher’s anger was justified or not?!

Obviously, it’s never OK to cuss out a stranger like that. But regarding the matter over the tip amount: would you be pissed at a $5 offer? Or do you think 25% is really, really generous?! Sound OFF with your take down in the comments (below)…

[Image via DoorDash/Good Morning America/YouTube]

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