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Euphoria Star Nika King Says She Hasn’t Paid Rent In 6 Months Amid Season 3 Delays -- & Rips Zendaya For Gallivanting Around Paris!

Euphoria Star Nika King Says She Hasn’t Paid Rent In 6 Months -- & Rips Zendaya For Gallivanting Around Paris!

Zendaya, your TV mom needs you!

Nika King is making it abundantly clear how different life looks like for her as opposed to her on-screen daughter. In a stand-up comedy clip she posted on her Instagram on Monday, the 44-year-old who plays Leslie Bennett, mother of Zendaya’s Rue on the hit HBO show, revealed she’s looking forward to season three just as much as fans… but for different reasons. She said in the clip:

“[When] season three is coming out? I don’t f**king know, don’t ask me, I don’t know. I know, it’s one of those things. People are like, ‘We need season three!’ I’m like, bitch I need season three. I haven’t paid my rent in six months.”

Oh damn! That’s messed up! You would think that being part of such a wildly successful show would put her at least a little bit ahead in life… but we know that’s not how things always work.

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She then took aim at the show’s lead:

“And Zendaya’s over in Paris at Fashion Week. I’m like bitch, come home! I need you! Mama need you.”


Since season two wrapped in 2022, it’s been unclear when exactly it’ll be returning to screens for season three. But Nika is clearly banking on it. She added in her comedy set:

“Y’all laughing and I’m serious. I haven’t booked nothing since Euphoria. This is some bulls**t, I thought my career was on the rise after Euphoria, I thought I was good. It don’t work that way.”

The comedian star then referenced fellow actress Taraji P. Henson, who recently broke down over unfair pay and treatment in Hollywood:

“I called Taraji, she was like, ‘Bitch, get used to it.’”

Damn! We hope things get better for Nika soon…

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