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Queer Eye Makeover Recipients Defend Jonathan Van Ness From 'Monster' Allegations!

Queer Eye Makeover Recipients Come To Jonathan Van Ness’ Defense Amid Claims They’re A ‘Monster’ With ‘Rage Issues’!

Queer Eye‘s “hometown heroes” are standing up for Jonathan Van Ness!

A bombshell report from Rolling Stone this week revealed nasty allegations about the hairstylist. One source from the set of the Netflix reality series claimed the beauty guru had “rage issues” and would have frequent outbursts that scared everyone. Others called the non-binary reality star a “monster,” a “nightmare,” and “demeaning.” The Getting Curious podcaster, who uses they/he/she pronouns, also allegedly didn’t want to “share the spotlight with anyone,” making it challenging to film the series.

While JVN and the other members of the Fab Five have yet to speak out, several makeover recipients are now hitting back at the accusations!

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While speaking to TMZ on Thursday, Cory Waldrop (middle right inset), who was on the first season, said he wasn’t aware of the latest allegations but believed Jonathan acted the same on-camera as they did behind the scenes. Cory recalled how JVN went out of his way to treat him like the star of the show, even letting him cut the line at the production’s food truck during taping. Not the behavior of a “monster”!

William Mahnken from Season 2 (middle left inset) felt similarly, and insisted he had no issues with the Over the Top author during filming nor did he see the Gay of Thrones host do anything negative on set. William also had lots of fond memories of his time with JVN, including the fact the celeb promised to take him to the Emmys if their mom couldn’t make it. Wow!

A more recent star, Michael Richard II of Season 7 (top inset), insisted the 36-year-old was “always bright and nice” while making the show — and he didn’t witness any tensions between any of the hosts, noting:

“He seemed well-liked by everybody.”

That said, Season 5’s Ryan Dyer (lower inset) did remember Jonathan (whom he only filmed with for one day) wanting “all the attention.” But he didn’t think it was an issue with the cast and crew, and he still had a great time working with him. Hmm… Guess there’s two sides to every story! But it’s worth noting all these people were the focus of an episode, making them the top priority, so maybe they were treated differently than others on the crew? It’s a good sign they didn’t see many issues on set, though!

Thoughts? Does this change your opinion about the new allegations? Let us know (below)!

[Image via Netflix & Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube]

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