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Florida Lawyer Strips 'Completely Naked' In Bar & Refuses To Re-Dress After Being Cut Off!

Florida Lawyer 'Strips Completely Naked' In Bar & Refuses To Dress After Bartender Cuts Her Off!

From what we understand, this is just part of the Bar Exam in the state of Florida… LOLz!

A lawyer in the city of St. Petersburg is finding herself in need of legal representation of her own after she was arrested on a count of misdemeanor disorderly conduct at a bar in the city late last week.

Kelly Elkins (pictured in her mugshot, above) was arrested at The Beach Lounge Bar in St. Pete early on Friday morning after she stripped naked and refused to put her clothes back on when the bartender cut her off. Yes, TOTALLY naked!

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According to the arrest report, first published by The Smoking Gun, the 49-year-old Elkins was arrested by deputies from the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office at 2:15 a.m. local time on Friday. The bar’s staff had refused service to Elkins earlier in the night, after the bar manager determined she was “too intoxicated” to keep drinking.

Per the complaint, this is how things went down when cops showed up:

“Defendant entered The Beach Lounge intoxicated to the point the manager refused to serve her. Defendant walked into the restroom and then came back out into the bar unclothed and completely naked. Manager told defendant to put her clothes back on and leave. However, defendant refused to do so.”

Honestly we’re just amazed the manager gave Elkins that first chance to get dressed and walk out before calling the cops. We probably would not have been that patient with these shenanigans! LOLz!

The report goes on to state that the responding officer then had to deal with the birthday suit brouhaha:

“I arrived and observed the defendant naked in the bar. Defendant had to be told several times to get dressed, at which point she only put a zip-up hoodie on and did not zip the shirt up. Defendant refused to put her pants on which were by her when I arrived. I escorted her out of the bar and again told her to put her pants on. Defendant refused, stating she was too tired.”


Cops hauled Elkins in to jail on the disorderly conduct charge, where she was eventually released on her own recognizance hours later. This incident was actually the second time the lawyer was arrested in the last week. Per KTLA, just two days before, Elkins was arrested on a charge of “obtaining food or lodging with intent to defraud” after running up a $38 bill at a local Thai restaurant and not paying.

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Apparently she was also arrested on a DUI charge back in 2019 after cops found her drunk inside her car with the engine running. Apparently, that complaint was later downgraded to reckless driving.

Obviously, this has definitely not been the best week ever for Kelly’s relationship with the law.

We just hope she gets whatever help she needs — legally and otherwise.

[Image via Pinellas County Jail]

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