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Theresa Nist's Daughter Says Golden Bachelor -- Who Married Her Mom For 3 Months & Never Lived With Her -- Will 'Always' Be Family?!

Theresa Nist's Daughter Says Golden Bachelor -- Who Married Her Mom For 3 Months & Never Lived With Her -- Will 'Always' Be Family?!

Gerry Turner must have made a seriously good impression on Theresa Nist‘s family during the eleven seconds that they were a couple, because the 70-year-old woman’s offspring isn’t ready to let go just yet!

On Wednesday, Jen Woolston — Theresa’s adult daughter — took to her Instagram account and published a very heartfelt but also very head-scratching new post. In it, she shared a photo of the Golden Bachelor stars on their wedding day along with their blended families all posing together. Of course, less than 100 days AFTER that wedding, the whole relationship blew up into a super-abrupt divorce. But on the day of the ceremony, hopes were high! Very high!

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Along with the blended family pic, Woolston wrote this sweet message (below) with a tribute to the 72-year-old Indiana native and his family:

“I had only the loveliest experiences being with Gerry and his family and I will hold the days we were officially family in my heart forever, and will think of them as family always.”

That’s really sweet! Of course, the “days [they] were officially family” were perilously brief. But still, really sweet! Then, in the comments, Gerry’s daughter Angie Turner popped up with this sweet response to Jen’s post:

“Right back at you Jen! You guys will always be family to us as well!!”

Uh, OK?! Again, it’s very sweet. But also, um, “always be family”?? The couple was married for three months! They didn’t even live together! And besides, how long have Angie and Jen even known each other — and how many times did they meet?? Just at the televised wedding, or what?? Nevertheless, Jen replied:

“We’ll see you again at some point. Always welcome in NJ!!”

To which Gerry’s daughter also shared her own invite:

“You guys are always welcome here in Indiana too! Or we can take the boys to a Hawkeye game!!”

And Theresa’s daughter followed up once more:

“We’d love to… we’ll make it happen!”

Even Theresa herself got into the mix! The septuagenarian financial services professional replied in the affirmative about “always” being family with Turner’s clan:

“yes, always!!!”

Again, that’s all VERY sweet. No complaints about positivity. It’s just also very confusing for us! LOLz! What do U make of this exchange, Perezcious readers?? W don’t mean to gripe over how sweet it all is, especially after the divorce and all. In fact, it’s definitely a major point in family members’ favor that they can be so mature and kind! But it’s also a bit of a head-scratcher. Or a LOT of a head-scratcher. At this point, it’s all a blip — not an eternity! Ya know??

[Image via Bachelor Nation/YouTube/Jen Woolston/Instagram]

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