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Police Say Man Nearly Stole Halle Berry's House! Wait... What?!

Halle Berry house stolen squatter

This story is absolutely crazy!!!
Law enforcement sources in El Lay are reporting this weekend that a 59-year-old man named Ronald Eugene Griffin nearly stole Halle Berry‘s mansion right out from under her when he showed up a couple months ago and tried to change the locks! Wait, WHAT?!
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According to TMZ, Griffin showed up at a property owned by the actress back in January and allegedly fiddled with the locks, but he was chased off by Berry’s gardener, when the man sensed something wrong and approached the intruder.
A couple months later, though, in March, Griffin showed up again — and this time, he was armed with paperwork. The 59-year-old man had with him a locksmith, as well as a deed that apparently proved he was the new owner of the home and had a right to be there and to change the locks.
Berry wasn’t home at the time, but a couple of her employees who were there found the whole thing very strange, and they called the police. When the LAPD showed up, they were able to determine that Griffin’s “deed” was actually a counterfeit document, and that he had NO connection to the property, legal or otherwise!
He was arrested on the spot by the cops, despite being audacious enough to believe he was going to be OK because of his fake deed. Crazy!!! He was later hit with a felony count of “procuring and offering a false warranty deed,” as well as an additional count of petty theft, and his bond has been set at $36,000.
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Berry told detectives she had no idea who Griffin was, or why he had picked her house in particular. Crazier still, reports hold that he actually didn’t even realize it was Berry’s house — as it goes, Griffin apparently had no idea who owned the house… he just picked it because he wanted it. Crazy!!! What was he gonna do, pay the property taxes and all, too?! Such a strange scam to pull! And so audacious and out in the open like that — who steals a house?!?!
Of course, this isn’t the first time Berry has had to deal with an intruder; back in 2011 she had a scary incident with a man standing just feet away from her and stalking her right outside her glass kitchen door — cops were able to arrest that man, too, though, and Berry at least got some semblance of justice in that case.
Here’s hoping Halle never again has to deal with any weird intruders or would-be house stealers… she’s gone through more than her fair share of drama like that in her life!
[Image via WENN]

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