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How Are Britney Spears' Vacations So Expensive?! Sources Dish On Her Nasty Habits...

Britney Spears bikini photos on Vacation

The reports this week about Britney Spears blowing through her millions are concerning to say the least. But they’re also probably astounding to most people! We mean, if you had $60 million, it would last a lifetime, right? How is she allegedly spending so much?

One of the key points in that bombshell reporting? Insiders said she was spending up to a MILLION BUCKS per vacation! And the girl goes on vacay a lot! So how is that possible?

Sources spilling to DeuxMoi broke it down. As revealed on her Deux U podcast on Thursday, that million dollars is accurate. Brit really can spend that much in one go. First off, taking a private jet from LA to French Polynesia or Hawaii and back absolutely costs in the neighborhood of $500k. That’s half of it right there.

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But where does the rest of it come in? Supposedly she stays in paradise resorts that cost $15k per night for 10 nights in a row, which adds up fast. But according to one insider, Britney could be saving a lot of money, except for one major issue:

“No one comps her. She’s a liability.”

What does that mean? Deux’s source says it’s the way Brit treats hotels that keeps her from getting anything comped or discounted like the VIP treatment many celebs get:

“The rooms are trashed, they reek of smoke, she doesn’t let housekeeping in for long stretches of time, she’ll order a ton of room service… so no one will comp her.”

Whoa! Those are some pretty harsh claims, especially considering there are those who think her bad habits are proof she should be put back in a conservatorship! And let’s be honest… her latest incident at an LA hotel is only making this sources info more plausible.

But are the habits all Brit’s? Or someone staying with her? Another source told Deux on a recent vacay in late March/early April, there was a man with her — possibly rumored boyfriend Paul Soliz:

“She’s with a new sleazy guy, really bad to staff and other guests, him and her. Maybe it’s his influence. Staff said she goes a lot and has been nicer before.”

As for going broke, however, Deux’s sources do tell her that’s not going to happen as there are certain trusts she can’t access. So she’s not in danger of hitting ZERO, not exactly. However, with very little money coming in (for instance she doesn’t have songwriting royalties on her big hits), she may well blow through the cash she does have access to — and have to quit with the extravagant spending sooner than later! Yeesh!

What about it, Perezcious readers? What would YOU do with $60 million? Think you could spend it all in one lifetime? In just a few years?? Let us know in the comments (below)!

[Image via Britney Spears/Instagram.]

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May 02, 2024 14:03pm PDT

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