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Heather Rae Young Calls Tarek El Moussa 'Heroic' After He Helped Stop INTENSE Airplane Altercation Amid Day 'From Hell'!

Heather Rae Young Calls Husband Tarek El Moussa ‘Heroic’ After He Helped Stop Altercation During Travel Day ‘From Hell’!

Heather Rae Young and Tarek El Moussa just experienced one of the worst travel days ever — but it could have been WAY more problematic if the HGTV star wasn’t there to protect others!

Late on Monday night, the Selling Sunset star revealed her husband helped stop an altercation on a flight amid a very stressful day of delays and canceled flights. Laying in bed next to Tarek, she explained:

“My husband did something very heroic when a man went crazy on our flight and verbally attacked and physically got in flight attendants and pilots faces.”

After being called a “hero,” Tarek sheepishly tried to brush off the compliment, but it sounds like he really deserved it!!

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The couple’s trek began earlier on Monday when they were trying to fly from NYC’s John F. Kennedy International Airport to LA’s Los Angeles International Airport. But it turned into “travel Armageddon” as they had to wait in a two-hour security line followed by a two-hour delay once they were already seated on their plane! That’s the worst!!

The Flip or Flop star was particularly stressed about the delays considering he had to “film in the morning” (presumably for their new show, The Flipping El Moussas), and there were “no other flights out” that day. Unfortunately, things got worse when they were forced to “deplane” because the vehicle’s engine wasn’t “operating” correctly. To pass the time, they hit up an “Asian-fusion restaurant,” the newly pregnant real estate agent told followers:

“We don’t know when we’re taking off. I’m starving. I’m pregnant. I need my food!”

Three hours later, they were “still waiting” to get on the plane after their gate had changed for a third time, per El Moussa, who explained in a video showing a large group of people moving through a busy terminal:

“It’s mayhem here. There’s alarms going off. There was a fist fight.”


And that wasn’t even the fight he was involved in!! Airports are getting crazy these days!

Heather Rae Young Calls Husband Tarek El Moussa ‘Heroic’ After He Helped Stop Altercation During Travel Day ‘From Hell’!
(c) Heather Rae Young/Tarek El Moussa/Instagram

In the next slide, the couple was slumped in two chairs at their new gate while alarms were blasting in the distance and babies cried around them. Sounds so miserable!! The Flipping 101 star later complained:

“We still haven’t left yet. Nine-hour delay now, [and] another alarm. This is the travel day from hell, everybody. From hell!”

An hour later, the expecting parents “made [it on] the plane” — only to have to “get off the plane” because their pilot had “timed out” at that point, Heather shared. You’ve got to be kidding!! Here’s where things got out of control…

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While the couple didn’t go into too much detail about the on-flight altercation, according to a source via People, the reality stars were on board a JetBlue flight on Monday night at around midnight when they were told they’d have to deplane… again. At that point, people were fed up and one “unruly passenger” started “verbally and physically assaulting” the pilot and flight attendants. The insider detailed:

“The pilot announced that they would not be flying as the crew had timed out. At that time, a highly intoxicated, unruly passenger aggressively charged up the aisle toward the pilot and flight attendants at the front of the plane, verbally and physically assaulting them.”

While everyone else just watched this s**t go down, Tarek took action, the source continued:

“While everyone was in shock, Tarek took it upon himself to intervene and to prevent the situation from escalating. Tarek got in between the hostile passenger and the crew, and physically escorted him off the plane. Afterwards, the flight attendants and pilot thanked him.”

Wow! That really is a fearless thing to do! A JetBlue representative has yet to respond to a request for comment about the situation from People. Thankfully, after having to collect their bags at baggage claim and go home for the night, the couple has finally made it back to their destination as of Tuesday, where Tarek’s kids, Taylor, 11, and Brayden, 6, (whom he shares with ex-wife Christina Haack) were waiting for them.

Heather Rae Young Calls Husband Tarek El Moussa ‘Heroic’ After He Helped Stop Altercation During Travel Day ‘From Hell’!
(c) Heather Rae Young/Tarek El Moussa/Instagram

It sounds like it was an easier travel day, too, which we are sure they are so relieved about considering neither of them had ever experienced a flight cancellation before, per the Netflix personality. They went from amazing luck to the worst luck ever! LOLz! Can you believe all this happened!? How would YOU have handled it? Sound OFF (below)!

[Image via Heather Rae Young/Tarek El Moussa/Instagram]

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