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Hilaria Baldwin's Old Dance Partner Speaks Out: 'It Was Always Her Desire To Be Considered Spanish'

Hilaria Baldwin's former dance partner slams her fake Spanish identity!

Even the people from Hilaria Baldwin‘s past who like her can’t defend her on this!

Alec Baldwin‘s wife continues to be the talk of social media as more scrutiny is placed on her well-documented phony Spanish accent and upbringing. Her old friends can’t even cape for her now, in fact. That’s never good!!

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At issue now is a New York Times interview Baldwin herself granted this week amid her ongoing heritage scandal. In it, the 36-year-old attempted to try to account for her past references to having variously been born and/or growing up in Spain, essentially turning it on US for misunderstanding.

You know, just because she spoke about her home being Spain, adopted a thick accent, implied she moved to the US when she was 19… Yeah, totally our fault for thinking she was an immigrant. *eye roll*

However, the NYT was more thorough than that. Part of their reporting centers on a man named Alexander Rechits, who danced competitively as Hilaria’s partner from 2006 through 2009.

Latin dancing, obviously.

Rechits knew the mom of five extremely well as Hillary Hayward-Thomas — you know, her birth name — before her post-2009 “reinvention” as Hilaria, and he’s not holding back at calling her out for her weird, bizarre Spanish-wannabe grift!!!

Rechits was admittedly generous in his memories of Hilaria, as many of her classmates have been, calling her “kind, caring, and talented.” But even with that, he couldn’t help but balk at her Spain obsession, telling the Times (below):

“The whole ‘Hilaria’ thing is hilarious to me. I understand why she did it. It was always her desire to be considered Spanish. She had roots in Spain, her brother lived there, she visited there a lot.”

She visited there a lot. That sort of says it all, doesn’t it? That’s basically her claim to Spanish ancestry, right?

While Alexander isn’t exactly surprised Hillary transformed, he doesn’t exactly understand it:

“But Hillary is a very good strong name, so why would you change that when you were born here and you weren’t born in Spain?”

Rechits, who was born in the eastern European nation of Belarus and later immigrated to New York himself, added an important point to contextualize Hilaria’s Hillary’s identity swap:

“I have a lot of nicknames in Russian. But I’m still Alexander everywhere I go.”


BTW, a quick Google search brings up Alexander and Hillary’s mutual dance profile on Just as Rechits said, she wasn’t “Hilaria” at all back then!

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Of course, the Boston-born former dancer doesn’t see it that way

In one of her ten million Instagram videos posted this week, the yoga instructor and author tried in vain to explain away getting caught in appropriating her phony Spanish identity, saying:

“When I was growing up, in this country, I would use the name Hillary, and in Spain I would use the name Hilaria… my whole family called me Hilaria. It always bothered me that neither name sounded good in the other language. A handful of years before I met [her husband] Alec [Baldwin], I decided to consolidate the two, because it was so many different documents with so many different things.”

Gurl, you went to Spain on vacation! Your parents didn’t retire and move there full time until you were in your late 20s! Stop being vague about “so many different things” and stop with this nonsense! You’re a rich white girl from Boston!

Oh, and the freakin’ word is CUCUMBER!

Thoughts, Perezcious readers? Is it just us or is this the perfect story to wrap up 2020?! It’s so… CRAZY! And preventable!

Why lie?!?! And why double and triple down on it when caught in the lie?! So WEIRD!!!

[Image via Joseph Marzullo/WENN]

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