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A few lucky girls got a very special treat at the Gwen Stefani concert in Santa Barbara on Tuesday night.
One of their mothers’, a reader, writes in to tell us about their experience:
“Hey Perez!
Just thought you should know that Gwen Stefani is not only a gorgeous and amazing talent but she is also a loving mom. She brought my daughter (smallest one closest to Gwen) and a couple of her friends up on stage last
night because she got a kick out of the fact that we sculpted their hair into Gwen-ponytails and sprayed them platinum blonde. Mini Gwens if you will. They even had Bindi’s and red lipstick.
She said to the crowd…”I just have to show you what I have been looking at all night long”, then pulled the girls on stage, ages 5-7.
How “COOL” is that?
Very cool!

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Jun 27, 2007 18:54pm PDT

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