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Idaho Murder Suspect Bryan Kohberger Really Thinks He'll Be 'Exonerated'?! REALLY??

Idaho Murder Suspect Bryan Kohberger Confident Exonerated Trial

How is this even possible? We thought this guy was going for a criminology PhD!

If you’ve been following the University of Idaho murder case, you know there is an overwhelming amount of evidence against Bryan Kohberger. It seems in all likelihood if he doesn’t plead guilty he’ll be convicted on four first-degree murder charges for the brutal stabbings of Maddie MogenKaylee GoncalvesXana Kernodle, and Ethan Chapin. That’s our very non-lawyery opinion obviously. But come on, we’re far from alone there!

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One person who doesn’t see this as an unwinnable case? The defendant. Kohberger doesn’t just think he has a shot, he firmly believes it! Multiple sources directly connected to the case told NewsNation over the weekend the 28-year-old has been telling people he’s “confident” he’ll be cleared. And we’re not talking about getting off on a technicality or something — he thinks he’ll be “exonerated.” As in, it will be proven he’s innocent. Like, formal apologies and lawsuits for false prosecution — exonerated.

Yeah. Wow.

Look, all we’ve seen is the probable cause affidavit so far — the Moscow Police Department have been remarkably tight-lipped through all this — and there’s already so much!

First off, there’s his car and phone — both of which place him in the area. There’s video of his vehicle in the neighborhood at the time, driving in slowly before the time of the murders but speeding away after. Considering he was living just across the border at Washington State University, we’ve seen no explanation for why he’d be there. As for the phone, it was turned off completely at the time of the murders — but it showed he’d been in the same places as the victims for months! The easy inference here is that he was following them around.

Speaking of following, he was reportedly following all three of the female victims on Instagram — and even DMed one repeatedly without ever getting a message back. While that isn’t a rock solid motive, it certainly exudes angry incel vibes. So it’s obviously not going to be difficult to paint that kind of portrait for the jury, especially given the reports he was creeping out female students at his own school, too.

But that’s just the preamble. The real showstopper is the fact a knife sheath was found at the scene, and the cops were able to get DNA from it. And that DNA matched Kohberger. We mean… that’s as much a smoking gun as there is, right? What possible reasonable doubt could his public defender cast on a knife sheath covered in his DNA being present in the room where Kaylee and Maddie were butchered??

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And there’s still more to come. A search of Kohberger’s apartment turned up multiple hair and blood samples. If those match the victims, forget about it! Not to mention one of the surviving roommates saw the killer leave. He was wearing a mask covering his nose and mouth, but she described him as “5’10 or taller, male, not very muscular, but athletically built with bushy eyebrows.” That’s spot on. And if she’s able to ID him in the courtroom?

We’ll just say, we’re no doctoral candidates in the science of criminology, but we’re not “confident” at all he’ll be exonerated. Quite the opposite. What do YOU think??

[Image via Latah County Sheriff’s Office/Kaylee Goncalves/Instagram.]

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