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Jen Shah Slams RHOSLC Co-Star Danna Bui-Negrete On Camera In Tense Exchange Over Fraud Allegations!

Jen Shah Slams RHOSLC Co-Star Danna Bui-Negrete On Camera In Tense Exchange Over Fraud Allegations!

Jen Shah spent Wednesday night’s episode of the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City lashing out at her co-stars!

The 49-year-old was still maintaining her innocence over the federal fraud charges against her in the latest episode of the Bravo hit. Of course, the ep was filmed a number of months ago — before Jen flipped the switch back in July and unexpectedly pled guilty to the fraud charges against her in federal court. So at this time, she was still standing up for herself and her then-presumed innocence during a VERY tense exchange with co-stars!

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It all started on a cast trip to San Diego. Co-star Danna Bui-Negrete spoke to Jen about the then-ongoing federal fraud case, alluding to knowing somebody who had insider information about it. Warning Shah to be “very careful” with her fight against federal prosecutors, the 35-year-old said:

“Supposedly they know someone that worked for you and that your company or the work that you’re doing was very sketchy. And they pleaded guilty to whatever the allegations are, and now they are an informant.”

Seems like a reasonable warning. But Jen wasn’t feeling all that informant talk! In response to Danna, she lashed out:

“If you want to bring it, take it to the finish line, honey!”

Danna refused to reveal who told her about the informant. Can’t really blame her — though she really probably shouldn’t have told Jen what she’d heard in the first place.

Mad about the direction of the discussion, Jen started raising her voice. While telling Danna she shouldn’t have brought up the conversation at all, Shah screamed:

“What you’re talking about is my life, so don’t bring it up because that is my life!”

Jen continued yelling while getting up from the table and pointing her finger at Danna:

“Check your source! The Constitution says you are innocent until proven guilty. Period. End of story!”


Jen walked away from the table and tried to calm down, but the match had been lit! In a confessional cut-away, she said:

“Do not make up some bulls**t about what’s going on with my legal case or anything tied to it, because this is very serious to me.”

Did she actually think Danna was making it up? Or was she still trying to cover for her crimes??

Quickly, co-stars Heather Gay and Meredith Marks got up from the table to try to calm down their friend. Jen, still upset, shaded Danna by saying:

“I don’t even know the bitch other than she has gray hair.”


Back at the table, Danna told the remaining women she was skeptical of Jen’s side of the story:

“I’m not saying that she’s guilty but there has to be something.”

Co-star Whitney Rose thought about her friend going to prison and mused:

“If she is proven guilty, then I will probably have to sit through an awkward conversation, but I’m willing to go have a conjugal visit.”

Uhhh… what??

Thankfully another co-star, Lisa Barlow, was there to correct Whitney very quickly:

“It’s not a conjugal visit unless you are going to hook up with her.”


After calming down, Jen returned to the table with Heather and Meredith. Danna still harbored her doubts about Jen’s story, though, saying in a confessional:

“No matter what these ladies say about Jen, how much they trust her, how much they believe her, she is a very untrustworthy person.”

It’s not going to be long for Danna to be proven right. We wonder how much of that we’ll see on the show… You can see more of the tense exchange (below):


Elsewhere in the episode, Jen was shown having a Zoom session with a therapist. In it, she revealed to the professional that she’d been struggling to sleep amid the legal proceedings against her. She also said she didn’t feel like she had control of her life.

In a confessional, Jen admitted:

“I’m at a deeper and darker place and I’m dealing with another level of depression, daily anxiety that is paralyzing.”

This really does hint at the darkness that is to come in her life, as she more recently revealed she attempted suicide amid the online attacks on her character.

Next Wednesday, the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City will return for their season finale. A preview clip of that episode teased viewers with a scene where Jen changes her plea in the fraud case from innocent to guilty. So that should be an intense viewing experience, to say the least…

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And there’s more!!

Elsewhere in the RHOSLC world, TMZ is reporting that federal prosecutors in Shah’s case just filed new documents asking the court to take into account a restraining order another woman obtained against Jen in 2019. Per the outlet, this woman reached out to prosecutors in a letter — apparently a convincing one because now they want the judge to read about the woman’s experience with the reality TV star prior to her sentencing hearing, which is scheduled for Friday.

According to the outlet, the unnamed woman claims Jen “stalked and harassed her” nearly four years ago. The restraining order was first filed at that time in Nevada. According to the document, the woman’s husband was having an affair with Shah. The woman found out and sent screenshots of proof to Jen’s husband, University of Utah football coach Sharrieff Shah.

Jen reportedly tried to confront her about it, but the woman ignored the attention. So, the restraining order alleges, Jen got in her car and drove “across state lines” to visit the woman in person. At 2:30 a.m., the woman claimed, Jen showed up at her door completely unannounced. Whoa!!

Alarmed at the rash behavior, the woman filed for the restraining order. As the outlet notes, it’s unclear what happened to that order in the years since. But now prosecutors want the judge to be aware of the claims made in the legal filing before Jen is sentenced on Friday.

As TMZ notes, the feds are hoping the existence of the restraining order may help make their case about Shah’s character. Something like this could move the judge to sentence Jen more harshly on the fraud rap.

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However, Jen’s attorney Priya Chaudhry strongly denied the allegations made in that old restraining order, per the outlet:

“We have proof that this woman is lying about this alleged affair—an email from this woman to Ms. Shah’s husband dated 4 days after the restraining order in which she acknowledges that there was no affair. This scorned woman lied to the prosecutors in an attempt to exact her own revenge against Jen Shah. Jen Shah has taken full responsibility for her mistakes and accepts that she should be punished for them. It is sad that people with an axe to grind would use this moment to detract from justice.”

This will all come to a head very soon, of course. As Perezcious readers will recall, prosecutors are asking the judge that Shah serve at least ten years behind bars. We’ll see what a judge decides on Friday…

Reactions, Perezcious readers??

[Image via Bravo/YouTube]

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