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Jenelle Evans' Husband David Eason Does NOT React Well To Secret Service Visit!

Teen Mom Jenelle Evans David Eason Secret Service Domestic Terrorism

Gotta be honest. When we started watching Teen Mom 2, this is not how we saw things going for Jenelle Evans.
Her husband David Eason‘s increasingly problematic posts apparently got him a visit from the Secret Service on Friday, something he blamed on Instagram.
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Sure, of course it’s someone else’s fault.
Not the fact he name-checked Donald Trump and Nancy Pelosi in a video post in which he fires off rounds with a bump stock (the modification which turned the Las Vegas shooter’s weapons into fully automatic rifles, allowing him to kill more people in a shorter amount of time) and says “they will say I’ve gone off the deep end”:
Yes, who could possibly look at that person and read those words and think domestic terrorist…
If that weren’t disturbing enough, we can’t imagine his reaction to the law enforcement visit is soothing anyone’s worries about his future behavior.
After the officers left, he posted a series of videos on Instagram Story in which he showed off his massive amounts of stockpiled ammunition:
David Eason Instagram
David Eason Instagram
David Eason Instagram
Oh, and shooting at a human-shaped target while threatening to shoot “you Secret Service motherf**kers” if they come past his NO TRESPASSING signs again.
David Eason Instagram
The rants over the course of several videos came awfully close to outright threats. He certainly warned he would shoot anyone who came on his property uninvited, “even the President himself.”
Then things just got weird…
He actually says it’s “the only way I can rest” while cradling a shotgun.
There are children under the care of this man, y’all.
[Image via David Eason/Instagram.]

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Dec 14, 2018 17:22pm PDT