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Jennifer Lopez 'Isn't Trying To Rush Into' Relationship With Ben Affleck -- But It's Headed That Way!

Jennifer Lopez Ben Affleck Relationship Slow Romance

OK, we’ve been considering the reunion of Bennifer a done deal since Monday when we learned they had vacationed together.

But is it too soon to even consider Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck a full-on couple (with access to their portmanteau and everything) again?? For the many out there shipping the couple — a list that includes pals Matt Damon and Kevin Smith as well as stan Jennifer Lawrence — this is a crucial moment.

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A source close to J.Lo spilled to Us Weekly on Friday that the Love Don’t Cost A Thing singer is absolutely not rushing into anything.

However, it does sound like it’s so far so good. The insider says:

“Jen really enjoyed her trip to Montana and is really loving Ben’s…”



Aw, really? So many more exciting ways to end that sentence!

We know they aren’t trying to confirm anything — and Jen’s confidant here is clearly following that directive — but isn’t it blindingly obvious at this point they are a THING??

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We mean, they went on a multiple day vacation to Big Sky. The romance capitol of the intermountain region?? They don’t call that the Paris of Montana for nothing! Oh, they don’t call it that? Well, whatever, going on vacay together for a week is evidence enough. Bennifer is real, dammit!

While the source won’t go that far, they do admit Jennifer “has feelings for Ben.” However, the insider says, Alex Rodriguez is right — it’s a bit quick to jump right back into a relationship after calling off her engagement. But it’s going to get there! The source says:

“They are taking it slowly, but things are moving in a romantic direction.”

Ha! We knew it!

Obviously, though, there’s the little matter of this not being 2002. On the one hand that’s good — because theoretically it means Ben has matured past the f**kboi behavior that led to their first breakup. On the other, it means prudence over passion. J.Lo has other priorities at the moment, as the source reminds:

“She is focused on her kids and she’s working in Miami.”

True. And Ben is working wherever the film biz takes him — while being a good co-parent to his kids with Jennifer Garner.

Speaking of exes, another source is talking to the outlet from A-Rod’s perspective, corroborating what we’ve all read into his limited comments and social media posts:

“Alex was jealous that Jen and Ben were seeing each other. He’s still holding out hope they can reconcile.”

Seeing each other. See? That’s totally what it looks like from the outside!

What do YOU think? Will Ben and Jen end up together??

[Image via Jennifer Lopez/Instagram/YouTube/WENN/Avalon.]

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