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Hold Up, Did Jeopardy! Predict The Return Of Bennifer WEEKS Before Their Surprise Reunion?!

Hold Up, Did Jeopardy! Predict The Return Of Bennifer WEEKS Before Their Shocking Reunion?!

We can all agree that no one saw the shocking reunion between Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez coming, just 17 years after their breakup. Well, it turns out the writers of Jeopardy! did!

On Friday night, the game show started the episode with guest host Bill Whitaker delivering a clue about the star’s popular nickname “Bennifer.” The hint read:

“As a couple, they were known as ‘Bennifer.’”

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But here is the kicker, the episode was filmed weeks in advance and way before news broke that the former couple has been spending a lot of time together! And if that wasn’t enough, there was also an entire category dedicated to Montana — which is where Ben and Jen were spotted on a romantic getaway just a week ago — in the Double Jeopardy round.

It’s crazy, right?! Naturally, fans lost it on Twitter over the wild moment on the game show, with many wondering if Jeopardy! is actually psychic. One viewer wrote:

“Whoever writes #jeopardy questions apparently can predict the future.”

Another person joked:

“What a power this show has.”

Then, a third fan pondered:

“IS #JEOPARDY MISS CLEO AND/OR TROLLING US ALL?! Also can’t believe the guy got it wrong. Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. Iconic couple.”

Oh yeah, for your information, the contestant got the answer wrong and guessed Ben and Jennifer Aniston… We just have to ask: HOW?!?! The competitor clearly has not brushed up on their celebrity power couple trivia from the early aughts. Ch-ch-check out some more reactions (below):

Well, Jeopardy! may be excited to know that Lopez and Affleck, who were engaged in 2002, are seemingly heading into something more romantic again. According to People, the 48-year-old actor initially reached out to Jen “as a friend” around the time reports claimed she dumped Alex Rodriguez. Back in March, the pop sensation and athlete announced they were “working through some things” before eventually confirming their split in April. The source told the outlet:

“[Ben Affleck] was basically checking up on her. He was single and thought she might be single, too. It was in no way disrespectful because he really thought she wasn’t with Alex anymore.”

But after hanging out, another confidant told Us Weekly that the singer may have reignited a spark with her former flame:

“[She] has feelings for Ben. They are taking it slowly, but things are moving in a romantic direction.”

Still, the insider also said the momma “isn’t trying to rush into anything romantic,” before adding:

“Jen really enjoyed her trip to Montana and is really loving Ben’s friendship.”

Wow, all of us may have to thank Jeopardy! for the return of Ben and Jennifer. Drop us your reactions to the game show possibly predicting Bennifer’s return in the comments (below)!

[Image via Jennifer Lopez/Instagram, WENN/Avalon, Jeopardy!/YouTube]

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