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Snooki & Angelina Met Up For First Time Since The Jersey Shore Wedding Drama & Things Didn't Go As Planned!

Snooki and Angelina meet up about that infamous Jersey Shore wedding toast gone horribly wrong!

It’s about time Snooki owned up to her part in the infamously bad speech at Angelina Pivarnick‘s wedding — and that’s exactly what the little meatball did on Thursday night’s episode of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation.

Jersey Shore fans will recall how Snooki, Deena Nicole Cortese, and Jenni ‘JWoww’ Farley got drunk and gave a very poorly received toast during Angelina’s nuptials. The drama eventually led to Snooki quitting the show altogether, and taking a full season off away from the cameras — not to mention all the Angelina drama that came from it.

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In the months after, the four reality TV stars then sniped at each other in the press and on social media, but they hadn’t yet sat down face-to-face to hash out the infamous wedding speech.

Until now!!!

During Thursday night’s episode, Angelina and Snooki finally sat down one-on-one for a real conversation about what happened. For one, Angelina seemed upset that it took so long to get to this point, calling Snooki out for it at the beginning of their convo.

And immediately, Snooki launched into her apology, telling the former EMT (below):

“I needed [time]. Here’s my thing, I want you to know I didn’t maliciously mean to ruin your wedding or hurt your feelings. I am not that kind of person. I would never try and do that to somebody. I felt bad and I just felt like it went overboard and I never meant to hurt your feelings. We were trying to be funny, we were drunk and it was stupid. It snowballed. I regret it and it was terrible and we probably should have said it at your bachelorette party. You would have loved it … if it wasn’t at your fairytale wedding.”

Not a bad point!

Angelina herself admitted the joke “landed wrong,” and also acknowledged her own regret for confronting the women during the wedding itself instead of waiting until the next day. Of course, that would’ve allowed cooler heads to prevail and it wouldn’t have ruined Angelina’s wedding night. Alas…

In vintage Snooki style, the world-famous meatball summed up their joint apologies and mutual reconciliation perfectly, saying (below):

“I’d rather cut my left t*t off than ever talk about this again. [Let’s be] friends again.”

Well, that worked out well!

And Snooki gets to keep all her body parts, too. A win for everybody! LOLz!

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The duo did have another awkward moment after the apology, though.

As they settled in to discuss their marriages, Angelina got real about her struggles with husband Chris Larangeira. She noted how they hadn’t had sex in a while, and how she wasn’t really feeling like that would change any time soon.

And as the night wore on, Snooki slipped up! The meatball toasted to Angelina at one point, including “this guy in Old Bridge.” Confused about who she was referring to, Angelina balked, and Snooki let the cat out of the bag about JWoww receiving that video “evidence” of Angelina being with another man.


Angelina had no idea they had the video in the first place, though — Snooki’s big mouth cost her!

The plan had been to make a big reveal to Pivarnick after the entire cast had gotten to the Poconos and was on scene confront her about it. Not just have Snooki go rogue and do it on her own while drinking!

Angelina denied, and denied, and denied though, laughing it off and explaining away the guy as a friend she’d apparently never slept with, while saying (below):

“Unless you have video of me f**king somebody or kissing somebody, it’s not s**t. It’s nothing. I got married for a reason and I’m going to take it seriously.”


Something tells us that apparent video evidence is going to be a MAJOR drama point during next week’s episode, though!!!

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What do U think, Perezcious readers?!

How badly did Snooki mess up with mistakenly revealing that video early?! Did she un-do all her good work to get back in Angelina’s good graces after her initial apology?? Guess we’ll see next week…

Sound OFF about everything Jersey Shore: Family Vacation-related down in the comments (below)!

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