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Jim Edmonds SLAMS Ex Meghan King In New Interview, Claims She's Been Lying For '3 Years'!

Jim Edmonds SLAMS Ex Meghan King In New Interview, Claims She's Been Telling Lies For 'Three Years'!

Jim Edmonds may have split from Meghan King three years ago, but he’s still re-litigating their breakup and its aftermath!

The former St. Louis Cardinals star spoke up this week on the latest episode of the Hollywood Raw podcast. For the hour-long sit-down with hosts Dax Holt and Adam Glyn, the 52-year-old former MLB player chose to dive deep on what he calls his reality TV vet ex’s three years of “straight lies.”

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Jim wasn’t alone for this podcast interview. In fact, he sat alongside new wife Kortnie O’Connor for the show this week. And she piped up about her alleged experiences at the hands of the Real Housewives of Orange County alum, as well!

But Edmonds was DEFINITELY the show-stopper here. Ohhhh, boy. Here we go…

Lies, Lies, Lies

When Holt and Glyn asked him about what it was like to be married to — and then divorced from — King all within the span of the last decade, Jim said:

“I don’t know if the truth has come out of [King’s] mouth since her and I have been together. So, I can give you an entire list and if not all three years of just straight lies.”


As Perezcious readers will recall, the former Los Angeles Angels center fielder first tied the knot with King back in 2015. They had three children together during their relationship: daughter Aspen, now 5, and sons Hart and Hayes, who are 3. They split amid scandal in 2019, though. And their divorce was finalized in 2021 with a lot of drama coming out along the way. Now, Jim wanted to use the podcast interview to clarify a few things about that.

Wedding Date Drama

First and most notably, he slammed Meghan for supposedly lying about when he tied the knot with his new wife. King has previously claimed Jim married Kortnie on September 26 of last year — which was Meghan’s 38th birthday! A shady move that disrespects two women!

But the baseballer says he and O’Connor actually tied the knot the day before, on September 25, thank you very much:

“I don’t even know where that came from. I didn’t even know that was existing until we got home two or three weeks later. … It’s just little jabs like that. It’s been nonstop for three years, and it’s so f**kng annoying.”

So there!

(Still weird that he got married so close to his ex’s bday, but it’s not THE day, right?) That’s FAR from the end, though.

Protection Racket

During the Hollywood Raw chat, Jim also slammed the temporary restraining order Meghan filed against him last summer. At the time, King claimed Edmonds was subjecting her to “frequent and consistent verbal abuse” while the two were trying to co-parent their three kids after the split. As TMZ later reported back in September, Meghan eventually dropped the order altogether just a few months after pursuing it.

But Jim slammed the whole assertion this week, saying:

“It was a protection order, which actually is totally different.”

Kortnie doubled down on that take by adding:

“It was never served to us. No one ever came here. Three months later. We’ve had the kids, we’ve seen her, she’s been at the house. Like what?”


Jim even cast doubt on the protection order’s legitimacy in the first place:

“When my lawyer got ahold of the paperwork, it was said, it was written by a child’s handwriting, basically. Like she filled the whole thing out herself and sent it into the police station. So, God knows what’s going on.”

Sounds like a mess on all ends, TBH…

The Nanny Issue

Later in the podcast chat, Jim took on the allegations about his supposed affair with the nanny. Of course, that infamous dalliance ultimately contributed to the demise of his marriage to Meghan. Edmonds has maintained his innocence in the matter, though, saying he did not have an affair with nanny Carly Wilson while married to the RHOA alum. And he made sure to call out Meghan on it again this week!

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During the interview, Jim claimed King told him she purposely made up the nanny cheating allegations — which, of course, would be jaw-dropping if true! Edmonds said he only defended the nanny:

“I was like, ‘Well, that’s unfortunate because that’s just ruined her life and then it’s trying to ruin my life.’ She went after our nanny, Carly, so hard that she lost everything. All self-esteem, everything, had to move out of the city, start over. And it was awful. I mean, it was just like something you don’t do to a 23, 24-year-old child.”

Hmm. He was really looking out for Carly then? Just a quick aside, whenever someone makes themselves look like a big ol’ hero in their version of events, our eyebrow just shoots up on its own. Just sayin’…

And he continued:

“It’s just like, denial, lies, denial, lies, and more lies. I tried to ignore it as long as I could, and you know, this is why you haven’t heard anything from me in three years. It’s an absolute joke. It’s so false and it’s embarrassing for me, [Kortnie], Carly, for Meghan herself, like, it’s ridiculous.”

But wait! There’s still more!

Hart’s Health Challenges

Elsewhere in the convo, Jim opened up about son Hart’s difficult health status. Back in July 2019, Hart was diagnosed with a condition called periventricular leukomalacia (PVL), a type of brain damage that can get progressively worse. A year later, King revealed on social media that Hart was also diagnosed with hypotonic cerebral palsy, which can develop from PVL. However, Jim now disputes that second diagnosis. According to him, Hart does have PVL, but the little boy “doesn’t have cerebral palsy.”

Slamming Meghan for her social media drama, Jim said:

“I’m like, well, OK, tell the truth. Don’t tell the sad stories all the time. Like, just be straight.”

Through it all, the ex-MLB player’s new wife has been trying to get through her interactions with Meghan, as well. Kortnie explained that co-parenting has been rough, to say the least:

“It’s still kind of an open wound. Now it’s gotten to the point where we have a nanny doing it and I think that’s better. But if I’m needed, I’ll step in. But she’s made it so that it’s hard for me even to co-parent with her because of the things she says about me. She’s embarrassed me, humiliated me. And it’s like, how many punches do you take to the face before you just say enough? … It’s sad for the kids, but I try to just stay neutral and pretend that everything’s fine.”

Jim echoed that sentiment. He alluded to “mixed-up messages” that the kids have had to deal with as their parents struggle to get on the same page:

“There’s been so many mixed-up messages and so many crossed-up situations. It’s so annoying. It’s like the co-parenting — I don’t even know if that’s a word in our situation right now — it’s like we’re just hoping that we can get the kids, you know, keep them sane and healthy.”


So much drama between these two exes. Is there no end in sight??

Live, Love, Lambast?

Oh, and also, we have to talk about Meghan’s love life. Well, maybe we don’t — but Jim does! LOLz!

The Orange County-born baseball broadcaster couldn’t get through the hour-long interview without throwing a little shade at his ex over her recent romantic pursuits. Of course, Meghan was married to President Joe Biden‘s nephew Cuffe Owens for about eleven seconds last fall. And she’s also been linked to Bachelorette alum Mike Johnson and others in recent months.

Knowing all that, Edmonds delivered this brutal takedown of Meghan’s romantic life:

“My poor kids, like every time another guy leaves the house, they’re like, ‘Oh, he was mean.’ I mean, they’re gonna grow up thinking every guy’s mean, and that’s one of the issues that we have with it is, you know, our kids are, my kids and her step-kids are, now thinking that every guy that leaves mommy’s house is mean.”


You can watch the whole interview for more on Jim’s side (below):

And Meghan has already started to formulate a response, too!

Meghan’s Follow-Up

Late on Thursday afternoon and again early on Friday morning, Meghan took to her Instagram Stories to deliver a bunch of promo posts for her podcast.

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In one promo, she teased:

“How about I set the real record straight in a Q&A with my subscribers? This has to die at some pt but my thirst for justice still needs to let the truth live. Subscribe and I’ll answer all the questions you have. Just stay away from this, tabloids. I’ve declined commenting to everyone who’s reached out. I just want to do this for people who go actually care about me and the truth.”

Meghan King Podcast Response Jim Edmonds comments co-parenting
Meghan asked the tabloids to keep away from the story while… promoting the story… / (c) Meghan King/Instagram


And in another, she added in:

“I believe with the allegations made against me that it will certainly matter in a year if I remained silent. I was completely defamed! Alternatively, the iHeartRadio team at @intimateknowledgepodcast Did their due diligence to ensure I didn’t defame and everything I said was double checked so we only promote FACTS.”

Meghan King Podcast Response Jim Edmonds comments co-parenting
No fake news here, Meghan claims! / (c) Meghan King/Instagram

Then for good measure, she also added this late on Thursday night:

Meghan King Podcast Response Jim Edmonds comments co-parenting
Shady shady! / (c) Meghan King/Instagram


We kind of love that response, NGL…

So much drama to sift through here, tho. Reactions, Perezcious readers?? Who do YOU believe??

[Image via Hollywood Raw Podcast/YouTube/Meghan King/Instagram]

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