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​​Justin Timberlake’s Plan? To Block ‘Narrative Of The Britney Scandal’ With New Tour & Album!

​​Justin Timberlake’s Plan? To Block ‘Narrative Of The Britney Scandal’ With New Tour & Album!

Justin Timberlake is doing whatever he can to make fans forget the bombshell allegations his ex-girlfriend Britney Spears dropped about him last year!

Perezcious readers will recall the pop star accused him of cheating on her throughout their relationship, allegedly urging her to get an abortion when she got pregnant in late 2000, breaking up with her over text, and more in her memoir The Woman in Me. When the allegations were made, Justin faced a ton of backlash. It got to the point where he and his wife, Jessica Biel, had to turn off the comments on their Instagram accounts!

Justin has remained quiet about the claims. But now, an insider for The Us Sun says he is “determined to block the noise of former lover Britney Spears’ memoir revelations of cheating and a devastating abortion!” How does he plan to achieve this? Through his new album, Everything I Thought It Was, and upcoming tour, The Forget Tomorrow World Tour!

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The source explained that Justin wants to “let his work do the talking” and show everyone that he is “at the top of his game and one of the best live performers on the planet.” If the Mirrors artist accomplishes this, he hopes it will completely overshadow the allegations made by Britney! The source explained:

“And with that, the narrative of the Britney scandal will fade from people’s memories. There is some trepidation about how Britney’s claims could impact his career.”

He won’t be able to avoid the controversy on tour entirely — especially if he plans to have the now-controversial song that reportedly sent Brit “over the edge” Cry Me A River on the setlist! Whether or not Justin will address the allegations made by the pop sensation is up in the air. The insider added:

“It will come up for sure because Cry Me A River will be in the set. But he has time now to consider whether he wants to talk about Britney or not in the next few months before shows start and then on stage. There is a confidence that his comeback will be massive.”


If this has been Justin’s master plan all along, he may want to go back to the drawing board! He released his first single Selfish this week. While the actor hoped to be on top of the charts, Britney fans refused to let that happen! They began to stream one of her old songs from 2011 of the same name called Selfish. And fans successfully managed to get her to #1 on the iTunes charts in multiple areas on Friday, including the US. So Britney’s song stole the top spot from Justin! Oof.

Justin does not seem to understand that Britney fans are ride or die! And they will most likely never forget what Britney claimed happened during their relationship or the treatment she received post-breakup since he painted her as a villain through the Cry Me A River music video. So it is hard to imagine his new album and tour will quite the noise from the memoir backlash! Even if it starts to, we bet Britney stans will rally and make sure everyone else remembers what happened in the past.

We’ll see how this comeback plays out! Thoughts, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments below.

[Image via The Jonathan Ross Show/YouTube]

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