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Kansas City Chiefs Owner Addresses Rumor That Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce’s Romance Is 'A Marketing Stunt'!

Kansas City Chiefs Owner Denies Rumor That Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce’s Romance Is 'Marketing Stunt'!

While some may still think the Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s relationship is nothing more than a PR stunt, the owner of the Kansas City Chiefs has seen the love between them blossom with his own eyes — and he knows they are very much the “real” deal!

During an interview on Mad Money with Jim Cramer, Clark Hunt could not help but gush about the couple when asked about the Taylor and Travis “craze” as of late! He even took a moment to rave about the 34-year-old pop star’s “sweet” personality and “amazing” artistry, saying:

“We’re so happy for Travis Kelce and Taylor in their relationship. I’ve had a chance to meet her at one of the many games that she’s attended this year, and she’s just as sweet as she can be. I also got to see her play here twice this past summer, and what an incredible performer. Just one of the most amazing artists of our time.”

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So is it safe to say that Clark is a Swiftie?!! The 58-year-old noted that the romance has made it a “very fun year” since the team has received more attention than usual. Not to mention that the female fanbase has increased exponentially in recent weeks, as many want to get a glimpse of Tay in the VIP box cheering on her man during the game! But for those still doubting the authenticity of the pair’s relationship and believing this is a “marketing stunt” for the NFL, Clark is here to set the record straight! He said:

“It was purely organic. When they were just starting off dating, there were a lot of people saying, ‘Oh, it’s a marketing stunt.’ But no, it’s very real.”

At this point, we think everyone knew they were the real deal! Well, except for the “dads, Brads, and Chads,” who have been throwing hissy fits about her appearances at Kansas City Chiefs games this season. LOLz! Also, Clark clearly doesn’t care some of the viewers are upset about her highly publicized attendance at the games. He just loves having Taylor there! Clark added:

“And as I said, the most important thing is we’re happy for the two of them.”

Aww!! Check out the interview (below):

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[Image via Chariah Gordon/Instagram, CNBC Television/YouTube]

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