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Whoopi Goldberg FUMES Over Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce 'Romance' As Sara Haines Claims It’s A ‘PR Stunt’ In HEATED The View Debate!

The View’s Whoopi Goldberg FUMES Over Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce ‘Romance’ – As Sarah Haines Claims It’s All ‘PR’!

Taylor Swift was a hot topic of conversation on The View this week!

On Monday’s episode, the roundtable got into a heated discussion over the 1989 singer’s new romance with Travis Kelce! Whoopi Goldberg was the one who brought up the conversation, complaining about the media attention the pop star got while attending the Kansas City Chiefs game over the weekend.

While purposefully mispronouncing the tight end’s last name, she asked her fellow TV personalities why “it is so extraordinary?” Ana Navarro was the first to take a crack at it, saying:

“Obviously this is not my cup of tea, but I’m really impressed with Taylor Swift and Beyoncé and what the two of them have achieved. I mean, between the two of them, they are having an economic impact of almost 10 billion… with a [capital] ‘B’, dollars on the global economy!”

The impact is impressive AF!

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But when Whoopi critically remarked this was “about the money,” Ana defended the Anti-Hero vocalist, noting, “She told the other day her followers to register to vote and it increased it over 1,000 percent.” Incredible!

Whoopi then urged her co-stars to get back to the main point: what’s up with the football fanfare?! Sara Haines had an equally critical POV on this, speculating:

“The football thing is, I do believe that Beyoncé and Taylor Swift don’t do it by themselves. They have these amazing teams that are also around them, creating buzz, it’s their job to do this.”

Referencing controversial comments she previously made on the show’s podcast, she continued:

“So the other day I said, ‘this is a bit of a PR stunt,’ and people are like, ‘she doesn’t need PR.’ I was once at a lunch with literally a megastar, who I am not going to name, and we came out and all these cameras were there and I said, ‘How do they know where they are?’ and they’re like, ‘Her team calls them.’ So in the business, you’ll learn, they try to create buzz around products. It’s not a shady thing to do, it’s literally what these people are paid to do. So when you say it’s a PR stunt, it’s not an insult to Taylor Swift. She is where she is because of so much of this machine!”

That said, she’s not a total hater, adding:

“No, [her asking fans to register to vote] I love! And we talked about it last week, the voting and the truck driver. She does great things, she’s very talented, all the things, but there are people paid to do these things for her!”

But when Whoopi STILL wanted her football Q answered, Sunny Hostin quipped:

“I think the reason no one’s answering your question is because we don’t really care about the football.”


That really fired the Sister Act alum up, who said she does “love Taylor” and thinks “she’s great,” but, “I’m watching football whether she’s participating or not.” Hah! Ch-ch-check out the heated debate (below)!

Reactions, Perezcious readers?! Do YOU think this is a PR stunt?? Sound OFF (below)!

[Image via MEGA/WENN &The View/YouTube]

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