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BOMBSHELL REPORT: Kate Gosselin Accused Of Zip-Tying Son Collin To Chair & Making Him Sleep In Closet

Kate Gosselin abused son Collin

Kate Gosselin is now getting her turn in the hot seat after calling her ex Jon Gosselin a “violent and abusive person”!

According to multiple sources, the famous matriarch was previously accused of abuse herself! Specifically insiders claim she physically and emotionally abused her son Collin Gosselin, inventing bizarre and humiliating punishments — including zip-tying him to a chair — and making him sleep in the basement when he was under her care.

Just awful…

The insiders told the outlet Collin detailed the disturbing abuse by his mother to a court-appointed therapist during the couple’s bitter custody battle. In a December 2018 report submitted to the Court of Common Pleas of Berks County, Pennsylvania, the certified traumatologist and counselor allegedly concluded that Collin was suffering from trauma and chronic PTSD, and claimed that she felt the need to report the alleged abuse to Childline after three sessions with the youth.

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Per the outlet’s sources, Collin told the therapist that Kate treated him differently than her other children, removed him from play-time with his seven siblings, and frequently made him sleep in a closet or the basement away from his family. Kate reportedly branded Collin the “bad” who needed to be punished — which in turn made the child feel like he wasn’t good enough for the same affection that his siblings received from his mother — all because he was still talking to Jon.

One source claimed Collin told the therapist that when he didn’t behave, Kate would dole out strange punishments including having him zip-tied to a chair. The reality star also allegedly shamed and humiliated Collin over his behavior, which caused him to act out in public and at school. Explaining how the report is indicative of someone who has suffered from emotional and physical abuse, the source shared:

“The report says he perceived certain events as threats which the therapist said is a classic reaction to trauma and PTSD.”

Wow. We honestly are surprised Kate hasn’t faced more serious consequences for this!

Jon was awarded full custody of his son after fighting for him when he discovered that Kate had sent Collin to a child and adolescent behavioral health facility in Pennsylvania for three years without telling his father. A separate source recalled:

“Jon had to fight to find Collin and remove him from the facility to care for him and love him. Kate visited Collin a total of two times in three years while he was in the facility. Since Jon had him released, Kate has never attempted to contact, Collin or even show up to his custody hearing. Instead, she has shunned him and told his siblings he is ‘crazy’ and to do the same.”

Another source close to the family also painted a wicked portrait of Kate, adding:

“Jon has evidential medical proof that Collin’s PTSD was caused by Kate’s relentless physical and emotional abuse of him. It’s a sad situation when a mother who has both physically and psychologically abused her son then sent him away and abandoned him, points the finger at the innocent parent.”

As we reported, Jon recently accused Kate of abusing Collin and leaving him with PTSD after the now-teen alleged that Jon had beat him up during an altercation. The IT technician vehemently denied the accusation, claiming that he merely had to “restrain” Collin after the teen threw a temper tantrum because of an argument with his sister, something Hannah backed up.

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Berks County District Attorney John Adams confirmed no charges or citations were issued as a result of the incident, but Kate was quick to call Jon “abusive” in an interview with People later that week, noting that she was notified by Child & Youth Services that her ex was under active investigation over the incident.

Still, sources close to the case say Kate’s comments against Jon are ridiculous given her track record of allegedly abusing Collin. The UK outlet reports that multiple allegations of suspected child abuse against Collin when he was in Kate’s care were investigated, but the agency determined the reports were “unfounded” due to a lack of evidence.

Such a mess! What do U think is really going on here, Perezcious readers?

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