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Comedian Kate Quigley Talked About Taking Drugs With Bad Odors Just Days Before Fentanyl Overdose Put Her In Hospital & Killed 3 Friends

Kate Quigley Comedians Fuquan Johnson Enrico Colangeli Dead Fentanyl Overdose

Kate Quigley has pulled through.

The comedian was one of four people who accidentally overdosed after allegedly using cocaine that had been laced with fentanyl at a party at her house last Saturday night. Quigley was rushed to the hospital following the OD while fellow comics Fuquan Johnson, Enrico Colangeli, and Natalie Williamson tragically passed away.

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On Wednesday, the 39-year-old released her first statement since the incident, responding to friends’ posts of support on Twitter. In one message, she shared:

“im gonna be ok. Stll in hospital, recovering slowly. Thanks so much to everyone who has reached out!!! It really has made a difference. Truly.”

She followed up with another tweet on Thursday, writing:

“Hi love bugs. – Ive stayed off my phone a couple days & prolly will for a while. I’m still healing physically & mentally. But reading all the positive messages from u guys is makin me cry tnight. Thank u. So grateful for the support & love. U have no idea how much it’s helping

She accompanied the post with a graphic that read:

“It’s okay that you don’t know how to move on. Start with something easier… like not going back.”

In an eerily prescient interview recorded just days before her own near-fatal overdose, Kate discussed her past and present drug use with fellow comic Joey Diaz on his podcast Uncle Joey’s Joint. She revealed that she had been “microdosing mushrooms” as a coping mechanism during the pandemic, sharing:

“Holy s**t that has helped me so much with everything, anxiety, depression, everything. I get so much less stressed out than I used to. It really makes me happier. And it’s just the babiest little bite. I don’t feel high, but I’m happier.”

At the time, she claimed the isolation of the pandemic had “really turned me off” to cocaine. The duo even discussed dirty cuts of the drug, with Kate agreeing that she had “smelled” bad odors from cocaine she had used.

To think, she told that story so soon before taking fentanyl-laced cocaine that killed three of her friends…

Unfortunately, even that awareness that these party drugs may be laced — or at least impure, as indicated by an off smell — didn’t prevent the tragedy that was to come. Drug use always comes with risk, but it seems lately it’s more dangerous than ever. The death of 16-year-old actor Logan Williams was recently ruled an accidental fentanyl overdose. Michael K. Williams also died of an overdose earlier this week, which may have also involved fentanyl, according to NBC News 4. These are just a few of the many, many stories of fatalities from this drug.

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And the fact it’s getting laced into other drugs? This is clearly a very precarious time to be experimenting.

We are so glad that Kate survived and is on the mend. We hope this story serves as a cautionary tale to others to exercise EXTREME caution surrounding drug use right now. If you see or smell something that doesn’t seem right, don’t ignore that.

We continue to keep Fuquan, Enrico, Natalie, and their loved ones in our thoughts.

[Image via Joey Diaz/YouTube/Fuquan Johnson/Enrico Colangeli/Instagram.]

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