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John Mulaney & Olivia Munn ARE Expecting First Baby Together! Hear John’s Story Of Relapse, Recovery, & Romance

john mulaney, olivia munn : john confirms news they are expecting first child

In the immortal words of Lizzo: all the rumors are true!

It isn’t often the case with celebs, but word on the street has proved remarkably accurate about John Mulaney. The comedian has kept things fairly private in his post-rehab dating life, but reports on his new relationship with Olivia Munn back in May proved to be true. More recently, a telling photo of the actress raised eyebrows that the couple might be expecting a baby together — and that hunch turned out to be correct as well.

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An insider confirmed the pregnancy news to People, sharing:

“They are both extremely excited about the baby. They couldn’t be happier.”

But you don’t have to take an anonymous source’s word for it — you can hear it straight from the horse (in a hospital?)’s mouth. John himself appeared on Late Night With Seth Meyers on Tuesday to reflect on the past year, which for him included a drug relapse, breaking up with his ex-wife Anna Marie Tendler, multiple rehab stays, an intervention, and beginning the journey to recovery.

Going over it all with pal Seth Meyers, the Saturday Night Live alum explained:

“Then in the spring, I went to Los Angeles, and met and started to date a wonderful woman named Olivia. … You know Olivia Munn very well. I met her actually for the first time in life at your wedding.”

That’s right: the infamous wedding where Olivia first developed her crush on the comic — which she first discussed all the way back in 2015 — was Seth and Alexi Ashe’s 2013 wedding! Another piece of the whole puzzle falling into place.

The pair reconnected eight years later (allegedly at church), when the Big Mouth star had just emerged from his second rehab stint. He joked:

“She got to date me right out of recovery, which is what they call a reverse catch.”

He then shared:

“It is a very lucky thing to have met this woman. … I got into this relationship that’s been really beautiful, and with someone incredible who has, like, dealt with the non-coked up Bambi version of me. And that’s been very incredible. She’s kind of held my hand through that hell, and we are having a baby together.”

OMG! It’s really true!

Bashfully, the 39-year-old added:

“I was nervous when I was about to say the news. … I’m gonna be a dad. … We’re both really, really happy.”

How exciting for them. And what a huge change for John, whose stand up jokes used to revolve around his decision not to have kids. He really is a new man! Elsewhere in the interview, the friends reminisced about some of the highlights (or perhaps lowlights) of the father-to-be’s difficult year, including that infamous appearance he made on Late Night during the throes of his addiction. (There’s another puzzle piece for you.)

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They joked about how unlikely it was that such a “square” had become tabloid fodder, and recalled his awkward intervention, which Seth participated in alongside a “We Are The World of alternative comedians over the age of 40.”

Wrapping up the segment, John expressed gratitude towards Seth and the others at his intervention, as well as the mother of his child. He said:

“You guys saved me from drugs, and Olivia and this baby have helped save me from myself in this early journey out of recovery. …I don’t have a joke for that. I’m really grateful to you, buddy.”

Wow. What an incredible journey John has had over the last year, all leading up to his brand-new bundle of joy.

See his full conversation with Seth on Late Night (below):

[Image via Joseph Marzullo/WENN/Avalon]

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