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Kathy Griffin Hospitalized With 'PAINFUL' Coronavirus Symptoms & Slams Donald Trump Over Lack Of COVID-19 Testing In The US!

Kathy Griffin slams Donald Trump

Kathy Griffin is speaking out about her traumatic experience with the novel coronavirus and reigniting her feud with Donald Trump in one fell swoop.

On Wednesday, the comedian, 59, revealed on social media she’s currently staying in a COVID-19 “isolation ward room” after exhibiting symptoms of the contagious and deadly virus affecting a mass of people across the world. Kathy shared two new images snapped from her hospital bed as proof of the harrowing situation for her followers.

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In the photos, Griffin is pictured with an N95 protective facial mask followed by another shot of the ward she’s apparently staying in. See her post (below):

The My Life On the D-List star got straight to the point with her message where she slammed Trump’s recent claim about the availability of coronavirus testing in the United States. It all started when The Donald tweeted:

“Just reported that the United States has done far more “testing” than any other nation, by far! In fact, over an eight day span, the United States now does more testing than what South Korea (which has been a very successful tester) does over an eight week span. Great job!”

But then Kathy was quick to call bulls**t based on her own experience at the unnamed major hospital emergency room! Despite her “unbearably painful” symptoms, the controversial star said she was denied a test:

“He’s lying. I was sent to the #COVID19 isolation ward room in a major hospital ER from a separate urgent care facility after showing UNBEARABLY PAINFUL symptoms. The hospital couldn’t test me for #coronavirus because of CDC (Pence task force) restrictions. #TESTTESTTEST”

According to Griffin, her situation appears to highlight the hypocrisy in the President’s statement and flaws in how his administration has been handling the global health crisis since she was symptomatic yet still unable to get tested.

As of Wednesday, the latest data from the official COVID Tracking Project claims there have been 484,062 tests done (and counting) in the US, with 65,497 coming out positive. As the Center for Disease Control (CDC) continues to monitor the coronavirus pandemic and respond to the growing number of cases reported, they’ve since updated their guidelines on when an individual can actually get tested. As explained on their website:

“Clinicians should use their judgment to determine if a patient has signs and symptoms compatible with COVID-19 and whether the patient should be tested.”

While Kathy did not describe exactly how she was feeling, based on her account, it would appear she falls under the category of someone who needs a test. It’s concerning to hear stories like this when so many others are getting checked out without any reported symptoms.

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Either way, we wish Kathy well and hope she gets the appropriate medical care she needs right now. It’s been a particularly bad stretch for her, too. As we reported, the star’s beloved mother Maggie passed away last week on Tuesday.

Wishing her a speedy recovery and lots of comforts right now.

[Image via Judy Eddy/WENN & WENN/Instar]

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