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OMG! Kelis & Her Kids Nearly 'Fell Off A Cliff' While Driving Through California Mountain Blizzard!

OMG! Kelis & Her Kids Nearly 'Fell Off A Cliff' While Driving Through California Mountain Blizzard!

Kelis is thanking her lucky stars that everything turned out OK after an ill-fated snow run. And to her credit, she looked great while doing it!

The 43-year-old singer revealed on Instagram late on Sunday that she had been trying to take her family up to southern California’s high country over the weekend. Of course, much of SoCal was hit with terrible weather over the past week. The area’s high elevations saw a LOT of snow. And Kelis wanted to show it off to her little ones!!

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So, the Milkshake singer drove north of El Lay to enjoy the winter weather and take in the snowstorm. Of course, Angelenos never see snow during the winter — so the rare blizzard gave Kelis an opportunity for a unique family experience! Sadly, things went completely wrong along the way. It’s unclear what led to the precarious positioning, but at some point, Kelis’ large SUV got stuck in a snowdrift after nearly FALLING OFF A CLIFF!!!

In an IG clip recounting the experience, Nasfamous ex-wife shared shots of her car dangling dangerously off the side of a snowy drop-off. Judging by the images alone, we would have been absolutely freaking out! But Kelis was as cool as could be in her video re-telling of the tricky time.

First, she chuckled awkwardly on camera as she revealed the scary scenario:

“Well, here’s the thing. So, the car got stuck. My truck got stuck. It’s, like, hanging off. Praise God the tow truck actually made it. We’ve been outside for awhile. But we had all our snowboarding gear.”


Then, she decided to use the opportunity to… host a fashion show?!

The Bossy singer made light of the frozen fracas by showing off her snow gear. She was all bundled up and looked stylish AF as she proudly promoted this “rescue fashion.” She joked with her IG followers:

“I figure if we’re going to be in this situation, we should at least look our best. So, I’m wearing layers to keep warm. I’ve got my light on, thank God, because it’s pitch black out here. Silver boots [for] a little reflective action. You know, tings could be worse. Rescue fashion. This is rescue fashion. See? Always be prepared. Always be prepared!”

Amazing!! We honestly can’t say we would be nearly so composed and lighthearted. And once you see the car’s position on the side of the downslope, you’ll see what we mean. Ch-ch-check out the caption of the post, in which Kelis casually states her fam “almost fell off a cliff,” along with the jaw-dropping video of the accident scene itself (below):

“My plan was to take the kids to the snow, but we almost fell off a cliff! So make the best of what ya got, n always be prepared lol”


That’s, like, a LITERAL cliff dropping off into the pitch-black night! We are going to have nightmares about that! How was she not more freaked out?!?!

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Followers who commented on the Trick Me crooner’s clip were equal parts horrified with the situation and impressed at the strong momma’s cool composure! Here are some of the most notable reactions (below):

“I’m glad you all are OK and turning a sour situation into a sweet one.”

“The way this super inconvenient situation turned into a OOTD moment. Love!”

“Truck got stuck girl it look like u almost died out there boo”

“Name branded and comfy. I love it! Right up my alley.”

“Not you almost falling off a cliff in style. it’s not even funny but I’m glad you’re smiling and making light of a scary situation. I hope the kids aren’t too shaken up. I would have been a nervous wreck”

“You actually made me feel warm and fuzzy. you exude grace even in what could’ve been a stressful moment.”

“Thank the GOOD LORD you guys didn’t fall off the cliff…”

“Not you almost dying and then giving us a fashion show, Chile!”

What a crazy weekend!! All that for a little fun in the SoCal snow…

BTW, it’s unclear which of Kelis’ kids were in the car with her when she got stuck. She shares 13-year-old son Knight with her ex. She also has a 7-year-old sonShepherd, and a 2-year-old daughter, whose name she has not revealed, with her late husband Mike Mora.

Judging by Kelis’ lighthearted humor after the fact, it would seem whoever was in the car with her appears to have gotten out safely. So that’s good! It’s great to see Kelis in good spirits! Still… this could have been so much worse…

Thoughts, Perezcious readers??

[Image via Kelis/Instagram]

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