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Kim Kardashian Shares More Info About Mysterious New Romance -- Bedroom Details!

Kim Kardashian Shares More Details About Mysterious New Romance -- And Gets VERY Frank About The Bedroom!

Kim Kardashian is moving things forward with her mystery man — we think.

She’s not exactly being forthright about her recent romantic entanglement — which is her right!! But for the longtime reality TV star’s legions of loyal fans, this serious unknown is piquing everybody’s interest and then some!!

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First thing on Thursday, the newest episode of the The Kardashians dropped. There was plenty to take in during the brand-new look at America’s most famous family, but nothing grabbed our attention quite like the peeks into Kim’s dating life.

As Perezcious readers will recall, late last week, we got a sneak peek at a lunch date Kim had with longtime pal Scott Disick. During their sit-down, the Lord asked Kim about who she was dating and jokingly called the unidentified man “Fred.” And now we’re finally learning more about this Fab Freddy who’s sweeping Kim off her feet!!!

On Thursday, we watched how Kim’s full lunch convo with Kourtney Kardashian‘s ex played out. First, Scott queried the SKIMS mogul about how he hasn’t seen her out and about much recently:

“So, I haven’t really seen you out on any dates or anything.”

Frustrated, Kim replied that with her public profile, going out on a first date in public is nearly impossible:

“Well, it’s just hard because what do those first dates look like? Behind doors, can’t go out. It’s kind of awkward. Here’s the thing, if you are seen with someone, then if it’s starting to not work out, you almost have to try to make it work a little longer because you’re so embarrassed that it was so quick.”

Inneresting! She’s not wrong about that!

The camera cut away to a confessional after that, in which Kim acknowledged how media coverage made her fling with Pete Davidson seem “like a very serious relationship.” (To be fair, the man got a brand for her, but OK.) Instead, the SKKN By Kim exec explained, she was simply trying to have a good time, both with Pete the and her new man now:

“I just want to sneak around a little bit. Like, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to sneak.”

No, there isn’t! But you are on a reality show about you. So you have to give us something!

As for “Fred”, Kim did give us little more dirt on her new dating sitch. She told Lord Disick about how she met her mystery guy at a hotel in NYC with a “private room” — ideal for keeping high-end first dates away from prying eyes.

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She named the hotspot on the show — and acknowledged how she and her Saturday Night Live alum ex-boyfriend used to hang out there, too — but Hulu producers bleeped it out when it came time to air:

“What’s so funny is my friends wanted me to meet someone, so we go to New York and we go to [bleeped]. That’s, like, my spot, because there’s a private room downstairs. But then on the internet, it was like, ‘Kim reconnects with Pete at this place.'”


And as for this current romantic focus, Kim told Scott she’s up for playing the field a bit:

“I don’t want to just date one person, but I’ve never dated.”

Hey, it’s like planting a tree, right? The best time is 20 years ago, but the second best time is now! Just go for it, gurl! We know Kim is a self-described relationship girl, but there’s nothing wrong with seeing what’s out there!

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Elsewhere during Thursday’s new ep, Kim got real about sex. The Selfish author remarked to Scott about how impressed she is that her icon Cher dated Alexander ‘AE’ Edwards, who is 40 years her junior.

Kim told the 40-year-old dad how much she admired that — but also admitted she’d be “insecure” about a big age gap in a relationship. Sorry to all the young guys out there hoping to shoot your shot! Kim will not be getting her groove back any time soon!

Then, when Scott asked about more of Kim’s romantic requirements, the mom of four turned to sex. Interestingly, she revealed that her sex life now takes place only under the cover of (literal) darkness:

“I pretty much have the lights off now.”

WHA?! Yep! In a confessional cutaway, Kim followed up:

“It’s so weird but then I can walk out of a photo shoot with 100 people working on set. I can walk out in a thong, but if it’s like you’re there with me, I’m like, ‘Wait, don’t look at me! Turns the lights off!'”

Surprising, right?!

But, hey, to each their own. Whatever makes her comfortable, right?

What do U make of Kim’s Kardashians new dish about “Fred” tho, Perezcious readers? Sound OFF with all your takes down in the comments (below)!

[Image via Hulu/YouTube]

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