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Kim Kardashian Gives First Interview Since Taylor Swift's TTPD Drama, And...

Kim Kardashian Gives First Interview Since Taylor Swift's TTPD Drama Drops, And...

Kim Kardashian just did her first interview since Taylor Swift dropped her thanK you aIMee diss track via The Tortured Poets Department double album, and we’ve gotta say, this was a MAJORLY missed opportunity!!

On Monday night, the SKIMS founder went on Jimmy Kimmel‘s late-night talk show to talk about her brand’s new Ultimate Nipple Bra, and her work on American Horror Story. She and the Jimmy Kimmel Live host also chatted about some random things — like how Kim grew up as a child living next door to Madonna. But over a full 13 minutes of interviews spanning two (!) segments, there was NOT ONE QUESTION about TayTay and the new diss track! Seriously??

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It’s kind of shocking, actually. We know these late-night shows can make for a pretty soft landing for celebs on various controversial issues, and Jimmy was evidently down to respect that for Kim. Perhaps momager Kris Jenner made it clear beforehand not to ask her about anything Swift-adjacent?! Still, this interview seriously missed the mark! Kim admitted to viewers very early in the interview that “life is good,” but besides that… there was nothing even alluding to the TTPD narrative! No thank you, Aimee!!

It was a huge letdown for fans, too. They took to the comments section on YouTube in droves to complain about the longtime late-night host’s inability to steer the convo towards Taylor:

“missed opportunity for Jimmy to address Taylor Swift’s song”

“You should have asked her about the Taylor Swift song.”

“I’m sure she had her PR people ask him to stay away from those types of questions.”

“Mom is good at getting that press. Go on late night and act like you just don’t give an eff!”

“Holy moly this is a humiliation ritual to her. Jimmy even said the audience is acting… they put it right in our faces. You can see Kim getting uneasy and uncomfortable at the end with her hands and tapping feet.”

“Taylor is haunting this woman rn”

“Do they talk about taylor swift’s song”

And like we said, we’re sure PR concerns played a part here. Kim might have been adamant about staying away from the TTPD saga, and Jimmy acquiesced. But still… damn. What a missed opportunity at making a TRULY viral and interesting moment. Kim’s a big girl. She’s been doing this a long time, and she can think on her feet and navigate around a minefield of Taylor Qs. Ya know?? What do U think, Perezcious readers?! Sound OFF with your thoughts in the comments (below)!

[Image via Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube/MEGA/WENN]

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