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How Kim Kardashian REALLY Feels About Kanye Secretly Dating Irina Shayk For MONTHS!

Kim Kardashian Kanye West Dating Irina Shayk Months

In case you missed it, we learned on Wednesday morning that those rumors about Kanye West secretly dating Irina Shayk that surfaced last month? Yeah, they’re apparently true! Shocking, right?

The new photos of the two of them taking a romantic stroll in France tell the story — but maybe not the whole story.

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A source spilling to Us Weekly claims this has been going on a lot longer than anyone realized! The insider claims:

“Kanye and Irina [are] dating. They’ve been quietly seeing each other for a couple months.”

A couple months?! Wow, impressive that they managed to keep it quiet so long! Though if their early dates were all at a compound in Wyoming, we guess that does make sense they aren’t getting outed by paparazzi every other day…

Another source said:

“Irina and Kanye have been spending time together and getting to know one another. He’s always thought she was beautiful and they’re both looking forward to seeing where this goes.”

Where it went is a luxury boutique hotel named Villa La Coste in Provence, France! We guess the couple are serious enough they decided to go out for a special excursion for his birthday that would be a little more public — and they just didn’t care what anyone thought.

Well, we care! We care very much what Ye’s ex Kim Kardashian makes of all this!

Especially after the past few days, which have given us some reason to wonder whether the KUWTK star might still be hung up on her estranged hubby — culminating in a bday message in which she told him she still loves him, and “for life.”

Well, a source speaking to E! News — which just happens to still be the Kardashians’ home network for now — brushed off the idea this would impact Kimmy in any way at all. They shared:

“Kim has heard the rumors about Kanye and Irina Shayk and she doesn’t mind at all. If it doesn’t impact her kids, then she doesn’t mind if Kanye dates.”

Well, it’s easy to say she doesn’t mind rumors — goodness knows she’s had to put up with a lot of them in her day. But it’s another to say she’s fine seeing photos of the husband of her children getting couple-y with another woman.

Another source told the outlet:

“She tries to put everything behind her and is truly focused on herself, the kids and her future plans. Kim knows it’s for the best her and Kanye do not communicate at this time.”

Trying to put everything behind her and actually succeeding aren’t the same thing. And we don’t doubt it’s the best that they communicate as little as possible.

But none of that rules out the idea this news could be breaking Kim’s heart right now. We all just watched her bawling over Ye on KUWTK last week. That was only filmed 6 months ago — after over 8 years together, that’s not a heck of a lot of time to just get over it.

What do YOU think, Perezcious relationship experts? Is Kim really just brushing it off??

[Image via Will Alexander/WENN/KUWTK/YouTube/Irina Shayk/Instagram.]

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