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Kim Kardashian’s Divorce 'Exit Plan' From Kanye West Is Set -- Here's What She's Fighting For!

Details On Kim Kardashian's Divorce 'Exit' Plan

Like they say, always have a plan B.

As Kim Kardashian West‘s love life seems to be crumbling to the ground, she’s said to have at least gotten an “exit plan” ready — but will she act on it?

While it’s been less than a month since rumors skyrocketed that the momma of four and husband Kanye West were approaching an “imminent” divorce after the model hired famed attorney Laura Wasser, it sounds like Kim’s been planning on this split for much longer! A source now confirms to Us Weekly that the aspiring criminal justice lawyer has been working on this legal move since July 2020!

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Fans didn’t immediately pick up on the now very obvious clues there might be trouble brewing for the stars through the summer, but it’s been made clear things had been going wrong for a while. Kanye’s humorous and off-base campaign for presidency was just the boiling point.

Even though the thought of a split was apparently on the beauty guru’s mind for a while, it wasn’t until speculation heightened after their “big fight” during the holidays that the businesswoman began to consult her legal team.

The insider revealed:

“[She sought the guidance of] her financial advisors to figure out an exit plan that would be best for her whole family.”

This statement matches the KUWTK lead’s attitude throughout this ordeal, as we recently learned she’s “communicated regularly” with her husband in Wyoming to support the kids and assure they don’t feel the struggle of their marital issues. A classy move on any momma’s part!

But what’s also especially interesting to learn is that the Hollywood A-lister herself is adamant that the divorce settlements are fair, with the confidant explaining:

“Kim has had all of her and Kanye’s financials and properties ready to be split, it’s a very fair deal for everyone.”

Given the net worth of both celebs is supposedly just into the billions, it’s obvious the socialite doesn’t want to get stripped of her well-earned dough!

According to the mother of four’s friend group, the source also suggested some within her close circle are skeptical whether or not the divorce will ever come to fruition, though they’d like it to! The insider spilled:

“Kim has all of her assets and financials ready for when she decides to file officially. Friends thought she was going to file in September, but she’s holding out. That does not mean that everything behind the scenes is already done.”

And earlier this month, another source told the outlet:

“While they have a multitude of problems, friends on both sides think there is a chance this separation could give them a fresh start.”

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What could she possibly be waiting for then? Multiple reports have confirmed the producer is well-over Kanye’s toxic behavior…but, alas, love is a hard drug to stop (even if it’s just platonic at this point).

Kim’s reservations have been quite clear on social media as her tone flip-flops on the matter. One second, Kanye’s absent from her socials altogether (the photo above being one of the last of the duo on her feed in recent months). Next, she’s flaunting her wedding ring despite rumors. Surely, there’s a lot to nail down if she’s truly interested in a clean split financially and for the kids, but the hesitation on her friends’ part has us wondering how much worse things need to get before she makes the separation official.

What do you think of this news, Perezcious readers? Is it time for Kim to pull the plug or do you presume there’s more brewing behind-the-scenes? Drop your thoughts in the comments (below)!

[Image via WENN/Avalon]

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