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Kim Kardashian Gets Roasted Online For Posting Thirst Trap Pic Of Her Diving Into Knee-Deep Water!

Kim Kardashian Gets Roasted Online For Posting Thirst Trap Pic Of Her Diving Into Knee-Deep Water!

Kim Kardashian is still posting snaps of her family vacation in the Turks and Caicos islands — but this time around, things aren’t going quite as well!

As you’ll no doubt recall, we last covered Kim’s vacay vibes when she dropped our jaws with some caked-up posterior pictures. Those bikini shots in the see-through water were sexy as f**k. But these new snaps?? Uhhh these are not quite as sexy. They are just f**king weird!!

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Late on Wednesday morning, the SKIMS founder took to Instagram once again to share more pics from her fam’s trip to the wonderfully beautiful islands just off the Bahamas. As you can see (below), Kim revealed quite a bit of skin in the crystal clear water. But pay special attention to the second photo in this carousel, because it is truly bizarre:


Kim, girl, where the f**k are you diving?! That water barely goes past your ankles! LOLz!! Thankfully, we weren’t the only ones who noticed the strange and eyebrow-raising photo choice. Fans quickly commented about the curious carousel addition in droves, too, as you can see (below):

“Why is she diving in knee deep water?”

“Diving into less than 2 feet of water? Mother”

“Girl where r u jumping ????”

“I wouldn’t dive in that shallow of water Kimmy”

“KIM! lmao it’s the second photo for me girl”

“love this pics but that dive had to hurt lol”

“Is she going to dive into the sand… Careful there Kim”

“not you diving in the shallow lovey”

“Ik she gotta concussion…”

“Did you hit ur head when you dove in?”

“did she just dive in the shallow end”

“you can’t dive in that shallow water”

“Your earring is ok ?”

OK, that last one is especially funny! Say what you will about diving into knee-deep water (spoiler alert: DON’T DO IT!), but staying in the shallow end like that will make it much tougher to lose an earring and then have a meltdown over it! Just saying!! Easy to find whatever slips off in water that only comes up to your shins. And also water that is as clear as it is in the Turks and Caicos. Right?!

What do U make of this bizarre not-so-deep-dive, Perezcious readers?! Funny AF?? Weird AF?? Or… is the SKKN By Kim founder just playing all of us like a fiddle to get the attention she so badly craves?! Well, s**t. It worked! Ha!

[Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram]

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