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Kirsten Dunst SLAMS Unattainable Hollywood Beauty Standards: ‘I’d Rather Get Old & Do Good Roles’

Kirsten Dunst SLAMS Unattainable Hollywood Beauty Standards: ‘I’d Rather Get Old & Do Good Roles’

Kristen Dunst isn’t letting the pressures of Hollywood get to her.

During an interview with British GQ published on Tuesday, the 41-year-old opened up about the toxic beauty standards set in Hollywood — and how she’s just not interested in keeping up with them. She told the publication:

“I still know to this day, I’m not gonna screw up my face and look like a freak. You know what I mean? I’d rather get old and do good roles.”

Good for her! Nothing against getting a few cosmetic tweaks, but we admire Kirsten’s confidence! Especially after facing YEARS of pressure to alter her look!

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She recalled that back in her Spider-Man heyday, a producer brought her to a dentist without warning for a consultation about her famously crooked teeth — but she wasn’t about to change ‘em for a role! She recalled:

“I was like, ‘No, I like my teeth.’”

The, at the Spider-Man premiere, Sony, the studio behind the superhero flick, apparently didn’t like her look which featured dark lipstick and a black dress:

“The studio was like, ‘She looks very goth’. And they didn’t like that, probably because they wanted me to look like a sexy young woman who would appeal to a broader range of whoever gets seats in the theatre. I was never that girl. I never did it.”

But luckily, there were people in her corner, too.

She recalled that while shooting The Virgin Suicides at just 16, Sofia Coppola gave her a major confidence boost that she didn’t even know she needed until later:

“I had Sofia [Coppola] at 16, who thought I was so cool and pretty when I didn’t. She was like, ‘I love your teeth!’ I didn’t realize at the time, I realized it [later] in decisions I had made. Not to change teeth, not to blow up my lips, or whatever it is that everyone wants to look like.”

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[Images via Vanity Fair/YouTube & WENN]

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