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Social Media SLAMS 'Repulsive' Kris Jenner For... Showing Off Her 'Dystopian' Home Kitchen?!

Social Media SLAMS 'Repulsive' Kris Jenner For... Showing Off Her 'Dystopian' Home Kitchen?!

The KarJenner family has never been bashful about showing off their lifestyle, that’s for sure!

And Kris Jenner is the one under the microscope this time after a new Poosh article revealed quite a bit of info — and a lot of surprising pictures — about her almost-unbelievable home kitchen set-up!

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The controversy started over on Kourtney Kardashian‘s lifestyle site, where the 66-year-old momager’s intense refrigerator situation was profiled. Keen on showing all the rest of us exactly how much we ought to the Keeping Up with the KarJenner family matriarch, the app proudly bragged about Kris’ two sub-zero refrigerators and massive high-end freezer, all stocked full of swoon-worthy food.

Along with a series of glamorous, color-coordinated food pics, the Poosh post touted Kris’ high-end appliances, noting (below):

“The middle [refrigerator] is the showstopper with fresh fruit, vegetables, and herbs all perfectly organized and on display.”

With drinks, condiments, and more food in a second fridge by its side, the post also added that a massive freezer sits ready for use, too:

“[The freezer] is always equipped with her favorite selection of ice cream.”

Of course it is!

You can see the post — and ALL the immaculate color-coordinated pics of an insane amount of fresh fruits and veggies — by clicking HERE.

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Honestly, it’s a lot! Of course, when you’re a KarJenner, there are family members, and friends, and staffers, and TV production crews around all the time. So it makes sense that there’s a ton of food in the house. Still, this isn’t even the first time this month that Poosh focused on Kris’ at-home excesses, and the boastfulness isn’t sitting so well with KUWTK fans!

Over on Reddit, users blasted Caitlyn Jenner‘s ex-wife for showing off such fabulous wealth and over-abundance amid rising food costs and inflation for the rest of us. Here are just a few of the strongest reactions to Poosh’s post on Kris’ eye-catching kitchen (below):

“Can you imagine being their chef and having to navigate 15 different color coordinated fridges”

“What dystopian timeline is this? Showing off their wealth so shamelessly it’s repulsive.”

“Their constant bragging while us peasants are just trying to get by is starting to enrage me.”

“I’m sorry, but this is disgusting (once again). They use food as home decor, while groceries are getting more and more expensive and people are struggling and living in poverty.”

“I’d be able to eat healthier too if I had a literal produce department in my home.”

“And to think there are little kids who take food home from school over the weekend so they don’t go hungry. The excess here is staggering and enraging.”

Others made light of Kris’ grape drawer, specifically, pondering whether she and boyfriend Corey Gamble can really ever get through all those delightful little treats:

“As a grape lover, the quantity is overwhelming”

“I could never imagine going through that many grapes. Most of this would go off before I had chance to eat it all.”

“The amount the spent on those grapes would prob cover my grocery bill for a month…”

“I love grapes but I haven’t bought them in awhile because they’re like a million dollars right now. I wonder if Kris will give poor pitiful me some grapes to snack on.”

“How many grapes can Corey [sic] possibly hand feed Kris before they go bad?”

That last one… LOLz!

Ultimately, many users pondered how much of the food shown is actually eaten versus going into the juicer, or getting tossed out altogether:

“I’m assuming most of this is getting juiced. Hopefully they’re not throwing too much out”

“That is lots of cleaning, besides those greens will start getting moldy after a couple days.. I hope they have a large compost pile..”

“I just feel like all of it goes bad before they even use it”

“How much of that is actually being cooked? I doubt they use everything. I see it going in the trash.”

“I hope they let their staff take things home before they go to waste. No way just KJ and Corey eat all of this.”

A legitimate question, for sure!

And, like, we get why Poosh’s reveal of Kris’ kitchen definitely rubs some people the wrong way. There is a lot of excess here. It’s just that a KarJenner household is not quite like a normal household. There are a lot of people coming through there on a daily basis, and those kitchens get quite a bit more use than ours when we decide to microwave Hot Pockets or something. LOLz!

Not making excuses for Kris’ showy pic set! It’s a LOT! We feel that. Just trying to put it into context!

What do U think, tho, Perezcious readers?? Is Kris’ kitchen truly “dystopian”?! Or nah??

Share your take down in the comments (below)…

[Image via MEGA/WENN]

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