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Kyle Richards Slams Former BFF Lisa Vanderpump For Restaurant Tab Stunt: 'It's Just Not A Joke'

Kyle Richards reacts to Lisa Vanderpump stiffing her with a restaurant tab! Ouch!

Kyle Richards was NOT amused by former best bud Lisa Vanderpump‘s recent Beverly Hills bull s**t!

As you’ll recall from our prior reporting, earlier this month LVP saw her former RHOBH bestie out at an El Lay restaurant. Instead of making small talk or sending over a round of drinks or something, she sent Kyle her tab! Richards, who was eating with a Real Housewives producer, had the sense not to pay Lisa’s bill at the time, and now, she’s clarifying exactly what happened.

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Kyle sat down on Monday with fellow Housewives star Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave for the latter’s Teddi Tea podcast. The pair chatted for over an hour about various Housewives-related things, but most notable, of course, was Lisa!

For starters, Kyle set the stage for her fellow RHOBH star, explaining that her former bestie has pretty much never been nice when she comes across the 52-year-old Richards in public:

“So, I bump into Lisa now and then, and not one time have I not gone up to her, and said ‘hello,’ and been nice. Not once. And every time, she’s not nice back, but my husband always says ‘be the bigger person.'”

For a while, though, that “bigger person” stuff worked!

Kyle explained how time and again she tried to treat Lisa cordially upon running into her out in public or at social events:

“On her birthday, Teddi and I bumped into her at the Beverly Hills Hotel, and we sent a bottle of champagne because it was her birthday, and she ended up moving her table so she didn’t have to look at us. The last time I bumped into her, I was with Dorit [Kemsley] and some others, and Adrienne Maloof was also at the same restaurant, and she [Lisa] was just very rude. So I thought you know, whatever, I just, whatever. And I bumped into her a week later, last week, she saw me and left the restaurant.”

But one week after that last bump-in, in early May, things all went to hell.

Kyle recalls what happened when Lisa infamously sent that unpaid bill over to her former BFF’s table, explaining:

“I was with a producer of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. He said hello to her, and I did not, for the very first time. She left, and about ten minutes after she left, a bill was brought to our table, and they said, ‘the lady at the table in the corner, Lisa, said for you to pay this.’ Long story short, the bill was not paid, because it was not a ‘ha ha’ joke, it was a ‘F U.’ You know what it was. It was clear. She likes to pretend everything is a joke, but it’s just not a joke!”


Still, we can kinda see how it’d be from from Lisa’s perspective. Just saying!

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But that’s not all!

Kylie further continued explaining the aftermath of the situation! She revealed to Teddi how minutes after sending over that unpaid bill, Lisa allegedly ruined a Housewives fan’s night by reportedly being super childish with an autograph request:

“I don’t doubt that after they told her the bill wasn’t paid, that she called up and paid for it. That’s not the point. But after she left the restaurant and she walked out, there’s a man outside that always waits for her to sign photos, and he always has Halloween posters and photos for to sign, Housewives stuff. So he had a picture of the cast, and he asked Lisa to sign it, because he already had Lisa Rinna‘s signature on it. She put X’s through our faces, and she put mustaches on Lisa Rinna and me. I know some people are going to say ‘oh, that’s so funny,’ but she ruined the photo for this guy.”


That’s seriously messed up! That poor fan…

Kyle didn’t even really know how to react to the alleged behavior by the Vanderpump Rules star, summing it up with disbelief and frustration:

“So that’s the story with that. And the next time I see her, I don’t even know…”

We don’t know, either, but you can bet we’ll be tuned in to find out!!!

What do U make of Kyle and Lisa’s ongoing feud, and the development it’s now taken with this unpaid tab, Perezcious readers??

Sound OFF with your take on these two down in the comments (below)!

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