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Lisa Vanderpump Claps Back At Kyle Richards' 'RHOBH' Twitter Rant & Her Involvement In Puppy-Gate!

Lisa Vanderpump reacts to Kyle Richards' Twitter rant

Puppy-gate still isn’t over!

For Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans who have been watching the drama unfold between all the ladies over Dorit Kemsley‘s dog Lucy Lucy Apple Juice, just know there’s more to the scandal being addressed on Twitter.

As we previously reported, Kyle Richards took to the social media platform earlier this week after part two of the Bravo show’s season nine reunion aired, and she completely let her former friend Lisa Vanderpump and husband Ken Todd out to dry!

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It’s not too surprising if you’ve been watching the cast go off on the dog loving star for allegedly selling a story about the canine drama to Radar Online, despite taking a lie detector test to try and prove the opposite.

Well, the Vanderpump Dogs founder quickly got wind of her ex-BFF’s tweets about the organization’s supposed $5,000 fee to return a dog when one fan who was shocked over the amount tweeted at her. The 58-year-old clarified the amount gets charged when you don’t return the pup to them:

Another RHOBH viewer Vanderpump ended up responding to, called Richards out for even going to VP Dogs if there was a set-up in place, writing:

“So that means you did know before you arrived at VP dogs?So why did you go? When you went, why did you act unaware of what was happening? Why did you question why dorits ex-dog was there? Who told you? Teddi? Production? You’ve been rumbled & it’s not looking good. #RHOBH”

So, Lisa explained:

The former real housewife went on in replies to more fans, sharing in two separate tweets:

“It’s ironic,now I’m not so hurt I can be more objective, if I wanted to hurt any of them there were so many things going on,lawsuits,bankruptcies,shops failing,shows cancelled,loans in default etc and I never said a word.”

“Me on the other hand oh I am a liar,coward,sniper,bad teeth,awful friend,terrible wine,the list goes on..awful really.
Glad I stepped away.
Also pump rules has been amazing this year.”


This doggy drama has all of the cast and Lisa at odds, including newcomer Denise Richards. When one Twitter user called out the actress for turning on the Vanderpump Rules head honcho, LV had a shady message:

“I know I liked her..oh well.”

Clearly there’s no coming back from this!

In case you missed Kyle’s tweets that sent this Twitterstorm off, ch-ch-check out the main bits (below):

“This season has left me so frustrated at times. Frustrated that people don’t always seem to see the obvious. No, It’s not editing. It’s people who are good at “the game”. Bad people can be good at it and good people can be bad at it.

People who have spent their entire life treating life as a game and ‘winning’ at it have had lots of practice. When I was told to go to Vanderpump Dogs way back at the beginning of the season, I knew right away what was going on.

I was brought there to unknowingly be a part of making Dorit look bad for entertainment purposes I suppose. Trust me , I know you think she didn’t need much help. I read the comments, see the preception of her from people that have never met her…”

The momma of four continued:

“Oddly enough reality TV can be like that too. Dorit made a mistake. She should have turned the dog back into Vanderpump Dogs. There is no disputing that. Maybe it was the $5,000 return policy that made Dorit think finding a good home for Lucy on her own was a better choice.”

“I don’t know. I only mention that because Ken referenced it in his ‘birthday tweet ‘ I do know that a dog not working out in someone’s home does not make them an “animal hater”. And I am an animal lover. Now let’s get back to what the #RHBH is about and Ken’s ‘birthday tweet'”

“Ken is angry because the cast ‘bullied’ Lisa when she was going through a hard time. Forgetting the fact that being honest isn’t bullying AND the fact that I resisted using any adjective in that realm when Ken got up in my face .”

“However , I DO understand that was a difficult time for Lisa. I had many conversations with her over this time .I also understand that she signed up for 2 realty shows during that time and one of them she had already shot.”

“With that said … if you’re going through a hard time then you would think you would be coming from a different place. Not scheming about how to make your friend look bad. Your close friend. The problem is it was not new behavior due to her having a hard time.”

“It was a pattern that you would think would stop because she WAS going through a hard time. This pattern many of us had seen for so long it was hard to ignore.
That combined with the fact that we ALL ‘signed up’ to be honest about what is going on in the group.”

What do U think RHOBH fans? Are U so over this storyline… or will U be missing the Brit defend herself over the controversy next season??

Sound OFF (below)!

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