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Kylie Jenner Finally Reveals New Baby's Name!

Kylie Jenner reveals baby name

They did it! Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott settled on a name for their newborn babe, and it’s another unique one! It’s…

Wolf Webster!

Whoa! Or should we say awhooooooo?? LOVE IT! He and his big sister are now Stormi and Wolf! How cool is that??

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Kylie dropped the surprise reveal on her Instagram Stories Friday morning, posting simply:

Kylie Jenner Baby Name Instagram Stories
(c) Kylie Jenner/Instagram Stories

So cute!!!

Wolf as a first name actually has two possible origins. First, while it isn’t all that common in the US, it is a traditional German name, sometimes spelled Wulf and often a shortening of Wolfgang; it’s also a handed down name in many Jewish families — such as in the case of Wolf Blitzer!

The other origin is the much more obvious one: he could just be named after the animal! It’s a common practice among many Native American tribes to name children after animals, like Fox or Bear. And Wolf is one of the fiercest.

As to where Kylie and Travis got the idea, we’ll just have to wait for them to talk about it because honestly we have no clue!

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The name is still fairly unique among celebs. Apart from the newscaster, Eddie Van Halen and Valerie Bertinelli named their only son Wolf Van Halen. In that case it is short for Wolfgang, but we figure if Kylie had meant to name her son Wolfgang Webster, she probably would have said as much.

Kylie gave birth back on February 2, but she and Travis didn’t reveal the name right away, reportedly because they wanted to make absolutely sure it was the right one. A source told People:

“Travis and Kylie picked a name together… [Kylie] wants to make sure she loves the name.”

Hey, that makes sense! It’s a big decision, and it’s going to last the kiddo’s whole life! Not only do you need to make sure it feels like it fits the baby in front of you, a parent also has to think about how that name will shape how other people think of the child — and how they think about themselves — in some really formative years.

Apparently Kylie is definitely sure and is 100% in love with Wolf. What about YOU?? How do our Perezcious parents out there feel about the handle?? Let us know in the comments (below)!

[Image via WENN.]

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