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Kylie Jenner Posts Adorable Video Of Travis Scott & Stormi Webster -- Is This Power Couple Back To Normal??

Travis Scott & Kylie Jenner

Nothing like a trip to Mexico to rejuvenate your relationship!
Kylie Jenner spent some time south of the border last week, on vacation with beau Travis Scott and their adorable daughter Stormi Webster — all this, after several weeks of high-drama that kicked off when Kylie reportedly found some not-so-good Instagram messages on Travis’ phone!
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The pair, as you’ll recall, was thrown into the fire after Kylie discovered the less-than-ideal social media messages, which was then quickly compounded by the ongoing parallel Tristan Thompson scandal, which involved Kylie’s former BFF, Jordyn Woods!
It was all a LOT to take for the makeup mogul, who hinted at the time that things weren’t going so good in her world… nor in his Astroworld. But apparently it’s gotten a lot better, because Travis and Kylie appeared to be really enjoying some time away with their gorgeous little girl!
Ch-ch-check out the Mexico video Kyles posted early Monday morning (below), which shows super-dad Travis helping Stormi navigate some steps at their resort:

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she won’t let go of that purse ???? ????

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Awww!!! Super cute!! Stormi is the best!
And you KNOW things must be going swell for Travis and Kylie because the 21-year-old is once again fielding rumors that she might be pregnant! What a weird rumor roller coaster to be on: one day you’re breaking up, and the next, you’re having another baby! LOLz!!!
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Seriously, though, it’s been a period of triumphs and tragedies for Kylie, who has seen her makeup business rise past the point even she probably thought it would grow, officially making her the youngest “self-made” billionaire EVER earlier in 2019. And it didn’t even take her three full years to do it!!
And yet on the flip side, she’s effectively lost her best friend in Woods, who was more or less excommunicated from the KarJenner circle after reports of her alleged role in the Tristan Thompson cheating scandal.
Days after news first broke, Jordyn up and moved out of Kylie’s house and was gone from her life. Clearly, it must be a tough thing to lose a BFF like that… and so publicly, too. Kylie’s somber selfies at the time seemed to reflect just that: a girl who was going through a real rough patch!

Kylie & Travis during better days! / (c) Kylie Jenner/Instagram

So knowing all that… it’s at least somewhat of a relief now to see things sure seem to have leveled out between her and Travis, right?!
At least they went on vacation together… which is always a step in the right direction!!
Share your thoughts about all this baby momma drama with us, Perezcious readers — SOUND OFF on Kylie and Travis in the comments (below)!!!
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