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Lala Kent Denies Drama With Megan Fox: 'I Would Never Throw Shade At Her'

lala kent, megan fox : denies any drama, says she would never throw shade at megan

Midnight in the Switchgrass has caused a lot of conversation — and almost none of it is about the content of the film.

Before the movie came out, it was most notable for bringing Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly together. Now that it’s out — and sitting at a rough 16% Rotten Tomatoes rating — well, it’s still mostly notable for bringing together the alt “It Couple,” — but now, there’s premiere day drama in the mix.

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As we previously reported, Lala Kent, who is engaged to the film’s first-time director Randall Emmett, seemed to throw some shade Meg’s way for skipping out on the Switchgrass red carpet. But in a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, she denied any drama. The Vanderpump Rules star stated:

“I don’t know how to throw shade subtly. It was honestly, my mother took a picture of me. I was standing next to the poster. Before we went into the premiere, I did a quick, ‘I’m excited’ and posted it. And I know how this works. It makes a much more intriguing headline to see, ‘Lala Kent tries to shade Megan Fox’ rather than, ‘Lala’s mom takes a picture of her next to Randall’s poster.'”

We have to point out (again) that it was a VERY conveniently placed caption to cover up Megan’s name…

lala kent : shades megan fox with midnight in the switchgrass ig story
Look at all that room above the poster where she could have placed her caption! / (c) Lala Kent/Instagram

But the reality star had said something similar to Access Hollywood (“If I was upset, I would have just straight up said it”). Now, she added a shout out to the actress:

“I really enjoy Megan. We’ve had amazing times together. I got my tattoo that says ‘Rand’ with Megan and MGK, so I would never throw shade at her, no. I wish it was more interesting, but that’s really the story.”

Fox also had a generous interpretation of the Instagram kerfuffle, telling USA Today:

“I really like Lala, so I can’t imagine she would be trying to do anything negative like that. She’s a lovely person.”

After ET informed the Bravolebrity of Megan’s response, she replied:

“Oh, good. That was the first thing because I actually didn’t know that it had become a thing until Randall told me, ‘This is a thing.’ And I was like, ‘God damn it.’ You really have to be careful of every single thing that you post because anything can come across as something completely different.”

Referencing the New Girl alum’s (supposed) reason for ditching, she continued:

“I am the first person to say, if you have a COVID concern, you should stay home. Especially me being a new mom. I also had those same concerns, so I in no way was thinking, ‘You should have shown up.’ I completely understand. Safety is the most important thing.”

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All’s well that ends well, right? Except while Megan and Lala have been publicly keeping the peace, MGK has had no qualms about throwing his own digs at the film, most recently suggesting that the movie was “trash.”

Kind of makes us think COVID wasn’t really the reason those two skipped the premiere. And definitely makes it seem like Lala congratulating all the other actors in the movie on her IG story WAS shade after all, doesn’t it?

We don’t know how much more we’ll hear about Midnight in the Switchgrass now that the movie’s out and being buried under bad reviews. Certainly has been an interesting ride, though. And we think Lala is probably better at “subtle shade” than she claims to be!

[Image via MEGA/WENN & Machine Gun Kelly/Instagram]

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