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Larsa Pippen Reacts To Malik Beasley Drama With Cryptic Social Media Message & Flurry Of Eyebrow-Raising 'Likes'!

Larsa Pippen reacts to Malik Beasley fall-out with new social media activity!

Larsa Pippen seems to be addressing the online chatter regarding her little stepping-out party with Malik Beasley… but will it work!?

On Wednesday, the 46-year-old social media personality and one-time reality TV star posted a new message on her Instagram Stories that appeared to be aimed at all the gossip.

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As you’ll recall based on our earlier reporting, it all stems from pics snapped late last month in a Miami mall which showed Pippen walking hand-in-hand with the 24-year-old married Minnesota Timberwolves star. Beasley’s 23-year-old wife, Montana Yao, was as shocked as anybody to see the pics, writing that “the truth always comes out one way or another” in one of several messages on her own social media profiles.

But back to Larsa; now that the drama has hit a fever pitch after Wednesday’s big reveal, she seems to be trying to cast some doubt over the whole scene… despite, uh, quite literally getting caught red-handed.

Here’s what she had to say in that new IG Stories post (below):

Larsa Pippen seemingly responds to the Malik Beasley cheating drama...
“Salt looks like sugar”?! Girl, more like if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck… / (c) Larsa Pippen/Instagram


But What Did Larsa Know?!

At the outset, this looked like a pretty open-and-shut case; Beasley is married to one woman and got caught holding hands in public with another. Not cool, dude! But insiders are working overtime right now trying to walk back Beasley’s relationship with Yao, and give more context into where Pippen comes in. To say it’s all “complicated” then is, uhhh, and understatement.

One insider told E! News that the basketball player has been talking to Larsa “for weeks now” behind Montana’s back, even going so far as to “make several plans to see each other.” The November 23 outing, which produced the infamous pics in the Miami mall, was apparently the result of those behind-the-back plans.

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Another source claimed that while the 46-year-old Real Housewives of Miami alum “was aware” Beasley and Yao were married, she got played by the basketball player, who allegedly talked a good game to work around his family commitments:

“[Beasley] played it off that him and Montana were ‘having issues and ending their marriage’. She thought Malik was in the process of ending his marriage and she wasn’t doing anything wrong by hanging out with him.”

Hey, whatever helps you sleep at night…

Even worse, it doesn’t appear as though Larsa and Malik feel any kind of shame over getting caught! The insider also shared this damning info about their future plans:

“Larsa and Malik are still in touch and are planning to see each other again when the news blows over.”

BIG yikes!!!

There appears to be some truth to that, though, as late Wednesday night, Larsa went on Instagram and double-tapped a whole series of pics on Beasley’s page. The likes suggest Scottie Pippen‘s ex-wife isn’t exactly trying to be shy about working her way into the younger NBA star’s life. Bold!!!

AND even Larsa’s own children are weighing in on the drama! Scotty Pippen Jr., who is 20 years old and currently playing basketball at Vanderbilt University, shared his own cryptic message on Twitter on Wednesday (below):

“Focused on myself and my goals. I’m not responsible for nobody’s actions. All good over here.”

The younger Scotty is supposedly a star in the making playing college ball right now. If he reaches the NBA in the next year or two while momma is still pulling s**t like this… well, that’ll make for some awkward family time, to say the least!!!

Reactions, Perezcious readers??

So much to say… hard to know where to start… sound OFF in the comments (below)!

[Image via Malik Beasley/Montana Yao/Larsa Pippen/Instagram]

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