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Larsa Pippen Claims Malik Beasley Was 'Separated Before I Ever Met Him' -- But His Estranged Wife Says Otherwise!

Montana Yao responds to Larsa Pippen's claim that Malik Beasley was separated when they got together.

Is Larsa Pippen really trying to make us think she’s serious with this claim?! Or did she get fooled by her new man, and is trying to make the best of it??

The 46-year-old embattled new girlfriend of NBA star Malik Beasley is catching heat on social media right now after tweeting out a claim that Malik and his ex, Montana Yao, were separated already “before I ever met him.” Our earlier reporting suggests that’s entirely false, but hey, you go off and do you, girl!

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Here are Larsa’s tweets on the subject from earlier Sunday morning (below):

Montana Yao responds to Larsa Pippen's claim that Malik Beasley was separated when they got together.
Could this really be true?! / (c) Larsa Pippen/Twitter

Fans and followers weren’t particularly flexible with her supposed timeline of events, however! The timeline indicates this doesn’t appear to be the case, either, for what it’s worth. Of course, the Minnesota Timberwolves star could’ve told Larsa otherwise and had her thinking he was already single, or something. Who knows!!!

Immediately, the former Real Housewives of Miami star received a TON of backlash for trying to walk that line! Here’s just a small sampling of the responses she got (below):

“girl you 46, a man stealer, cheater and a liar.”

“Idek the context but I know yo ass LYIN”

“You finna embarrass your kids even more lady pls stop”

“lmaooo this girl so messy”

“Go home a be a family woman. You too old for the streets”

“You’re 89 this behavior is truly tragic…”

“You are entirely too old to be taking everything a man says at face-value when it comes to their ex.”

“Yo I feel so bad for Scottie Pippen Jr lol this nuts”

“You are still married what part of that isn’t clicking also you’re 46 don’t let this social media s**t confuse you”

“Now Larsa… STOP lying! Your record alone highlights you’ll hop on anything, anyone, and apparently any age as long as they have enough money.”

YIKES!!! That last one… whew!!!

Followers aside, though, the woman who would actually know something about this — Montana Yao — quickly responded to Larsa’s tweet later on Sunday and cleared the air.

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As you can see (below), the young 23-year-old mom wasn’t about to take anything like that from the former reality TV star who is twice her age:

Montana Yao responds to Larsa Pippen's claim that Malik Beasley was separated when they got together.
This sounds like a pretty strong, certain, unequivocal denial! Just saying! / (c) Montana Yao/Twitter


Drama, drama, drama… it never ends! Not that we’re complaining!

What do U think, Perezcious readers? Is Larsa trying to re-write history, or was she legitimately fooled by Malik into thinking he’d already gotten separated ahead of dating her?!

Sound OFF with your take on everything here, down in the comments (below)!

[Image via Larsa Pippen/Montana Yao/Instagram]

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